9 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Total Commander File Manager Right Now

File Manager is an important app. Everyone who use an Android device should have a good file manager with plenty of features that can make navigating on your phone easier and fun in the same time. Everyone I know owns an Android device and the best part is that all of them use the stock manager that comes inbuilt with the software.

Different OEMs and manufacture has created their own file manager. You may have heard about Google file manager, that’s it’s very popular. If you are one if those people who mess up with your device more than normal people do than probably you have heard about ES File Explorer or Root Explorer. These manager are needed if you wanna edit system files and offers you many more option than other managers does.

In this article I’m gonna talk about another file manager called Total Commander. It’s my favorite manager and will make the way you navigate funny and easy. If you search on Play Store you will find plenty of managers but I prefer this one and below I’m gonna share why I love it. Just keep reading and don’t forget to let us know what do you think about this manager and which one is your favorite.

1 – First reason why I love this manager is because it has a dual pane user interface. Usually the most file managers especially the stock one provides by OEMs. But have you ever thought having a file manager with the ability to see two different directories side by side. Well, Total Commander offers this feature.

When you wanna copy files between directories this feature is very useful. Open the source directory in one side and in the other one open the target directory. So this will make the things much easier, and you gonna focus more in the files you wanna copy. So having a dual pane interface in the file manager is just amazing.

2 – Easy Navigation. Total Commander saves you a lot of time when you need to navigate between different folders back and forward. With just one tap, you can easily access the folder history. It has an useful home screen where you can access everything, download, docs, music, photos and much more.

Navigation Total Commander

Also you get a list of all the installed app and you can easily manage them. It allows you to see the installation date and time. You can see the size as well but every managers shows that too. Also if you wanna uninstall the app is super easy and further more you can copy app details as a text and you can share it if you want.

3 – Built-in archiver. The second reason why Total Commander file manager is cool is because it has a built-in archiving tool. Sounds great, right! Yeah it really is. You don’t need to download a third party app any more. This file manager will do this and many other things. Just keep reading.

Having a dual pane interface things are much easier. In other pane you can the archive and in the second one set the destination folder for extracting the file. It’s great, I know, you don’t have to say it :D.

4 – Built-in file editor. Another awesome feature that make this file manager my favorite is the fact it has plenty of options to simplify things. If you are an advanced Android user than you need a file editor. Or maybe you have one installed on your device.

With Total Commander you don’t need it any more. It’s a multi-functional app and the dual pane user interface makes everything easier. You don’t need anymore to choose the best file editor, simply install Total Commander and you are done.

5 – Plugins. Yeah it’s true. You can install plugins to extend the functionality of the managers. It’s awesome! You don’t need anymore to use different apps for different purposes. It wouldn’t make sense. Well, actually it does but when you have the chance to use only one apps that ca do various things why install many of them.

Total Commander supports only the following plugins but more are added to the list.

  • OneDrive Plugin – access Microsoft OneDrive files.
  • Google Drive Plugin – access data stored in your Google Drive account.
  • LAN Plugin – allows you to access Windows SMB shares from your Android device.
  • WiFi/WLAN Plugin – supports direct connections via HTTP over WiFi/WLAN between two Android devices, or between Android (Server) and any device or computer with a Web browser or a WebDAV client.
  • SFTP Plugin – allows you to access SFTP servers.
  • FTP Plugin – access your LAN and Internet FTP servers.
  • WebDAV Plugin – access any server which supports the WebDAV protocol.

6 – Customizable Toolbar. The manager has a toolbar in the bottom of the screen. There are some buttons over there, but you can easily customize it and add your own buttons. So you have more options to navigate just from the toolbar.

For example you can create buttons like “Rename the file”, “Create new file” so you don’t have to press and hold somewhere on the screen. Easy right!

7 – Buil-in Music Player. This is another feature of Total Commander. You can play quick music directly from your manager. It supports various type of music.

It also supports online streams. The music player has a simple user interface and features a graphic equalizer. Go give it a try!

8 – OS Integration.Total Commander provides a useful file browsing dialog. You can easily replace the the pop-up file selection dialog that appears when you wanna makes some changes.

Also it provides a cool directory-based navigation that will make things easier for you. It saves time when looking for a file and you don’t need to struggle anymore to find a file.

9 – Root Access. Of course, it shouldn’t miss such an important feature. If you have rooted your phone you can access root file systems and modify them.

This feature is very handy when you wanna convert user apps to system apps.

What do you think now about Total Commander. Isn’t it awesome? And the best part is that the app is for free. There is also a version for Windows but it’s not for free. So if you have an Android device don’t think twice. Go and install Total Commander from Play Store and thank yourself for saving time and me for letting you know about this File Manager. Also don’t forget to write your opinion down and let us know what do you think.

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