Common Galaxy J3 Issues And Their Fixes

Galaxy S3 is a budget smartphone released by Samsung and it was a hit in the market. With decent specs and affordable price tag, the Galaxy J3 is the best smartphone in that range. Like with every other smartphone, the Galaxy S3 is suffering from some issues.

In this article, we have written about the common issues of Galaxy j3 and how to fix them. Read below to know more about those issues and the troubleshooting methods.


The battery has become the main issues for all the smartphones nowadays. The companies are struggling to give the best battery options for their users at a low price tag. In these situations also the 2300 mAh battery provided by Samsung was good enough and lasted a day long with moderate usage.

If you are a heavy user there are some tips to make the battery sustain for a longer time than usual.

  • Turn off GPS. If the GPS is turned on the battery will drain too fast. So to save some battery on your Galaxy J3 you should disable the GPS service and use it only when needed. Make sure it is off otherwise the battery won’t last longer than a couple of hours.
  • Background apps. Usually, when you open an app and then press the home button, the app isn’t closed but it is running in background hence it uses the battery. So you need to close the apps you don’t use. Manually go to Settings >> Smart Manager or Application Manager >> Device Maintenance >> Unmonitored apps >> clear the apps running in the background.
  • If you need to extend the battery life for a much longer time then you should consider using the power saving feature. Almost every smartphone nowadays has a Power Saving Mode. The same with the Galaxy J3. You can enable the Power Saving Mode by going to Settings >> Device Maintenance >> and select one of the saving modes from the two options.
  • Another option would be to check Bluetooth if it is enabled or not.

Galaxy J3

WiFi Problem

If you are one of those users facing WiFi connectivity issues on Galaxy J3, then here are some potential solutions for you to try to fix it.

  • Disable the smart network switch; this is the feature which switches to mobile data immediately if the WiFi connection is not stable. To disable this, keep the WiFi on in your phone and then open the Settings >>Connections >> WiFi >> click on the top right menu with three dots and open the smart network switch and disable it.
  • Try to forget and re-connect the WiFi network. So drag the notification bar down and press and hold the WiFi icon. It will open the WiFi options and you will see a list of the networks. Among them find your network you’re facing issues and then forget it.
  • Reset the network settings by opening the backup and reset option in the settings. If you have a password protection, a prompt message will appear asking you for the password. Enter it and click OK.
  • Wipe cache of the phone. You can do it either by going to Settings >> Apps and clear the cache for every single app. The other option would be to reboot into recovery. Turn off the phone. Press and hold Volume Down + Home Button and the Lock button at the same time. Once you see the Samsung logo screen, release the power button but still hold the power and volume buttons. When the phone boot into recovery you can navigate up and down using the volume buttons and select via the power button. Once it’s done, reboot the phone.

Call Volume issues

If you are facing problems with your calls, do not panic and check the volume of the call first. If the volume is ok, reset the phone once to solve this issue.

SIM Card issues

Many people are complaining about SIM card issues in their J3 and the potential solution to solve it is by performing a phone reset. If it didn’t work then open the battery and SIM and clean the slot with a soft cloth. Don’t be harsh in the slot.


Overheating is the biggest issue that has been faced by many phones. Samsung J3 had also fallen prey to this issue and many people are complaining about heating of the phone while charging. To resolve this problem follow the below steps.
• Many third-party apps are the main reason for heating of the phone, so charge your phone in safe mode because no apps can interfere in safe mode and this will eventually reduce the heating issue.
• Remove the back case while charging the phone.
• Don’t let the phone exposed to sun or to any hot surfaces.
• Don’t use the phone while it is kept for charging. This isn’t a good for the health of the battery.
• Try resetting the phone once.

SD Card Issues

The maximum storage given by Samsung J3 for its users is 16GB, which isn’t enough now-a-days. SD card is the best option to increase the storage of the phone and many people are facing issues with SD card as the device is failing to recognize it in the slot. Here are some of the potential solutions to solve this problem.
• Switch off your J3,and remove the SD card, clean the slot by blowing on it once and then reinsert the SD card.
• If the above solution didn’t work, then you are left with the option of formatting the SD card. Backup the data present in the card to a computer and format the card. Most probably this will solve the issue.

Touch not working

There are two reasons which may affect the touch of your Samsung J3, one is whether the screen got wet or fallen from some height. If this is the reason, take the device to the nearest Samsung Care. The other reason is the software issue. For software issues here are some of the solutions that may work.
• Remove the SIM card and re-insert it and then restart the phone.
• Clear the cache of the phone which is the reason for lagging.
• Perform factory reset once.
These are the problems that has been face by many users, the potential solutions for those problems are also mentioned in the article which you can use to solve the issues on your phone.

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