How To Boost One Plus One Sound (Speaker & Headphones) With Volume Increase Mod

One Plus One is one of the fewest Android devices which has a good sound quality. With two stereo speaker located at the bottom of the body, the One Plus One sound is better than most of the other smartphones.

One Plus One may have louder volume and with hight quality, but for most of the users it is still low. Well, we have to admit that there are few other devices that has a decent sound quality like the HTC One M8. Not all can have the lucky to own a HTC One M8.

If you are not happy with the sound volume in your One Plus One, you still can do something. Today I’m gonna share a mod which will increase the sound on the One Plus One both speaker and headphones. So if you want to boost the sound volume on your One Plus One device, this mod is everything you need.

In fact there are three files. The first one will increase the sound a little bit but the sound will not lose its quality. The second file will increase the sound noticeably but the quality will not be the same. There is also the default file which will restore everything to default.

Before installing the mod and increase volume of your One Plus One make sure to meet all the requirements below:


  • This mod is only for One Plus One. Do not try to install it on other devices because you may brick your device.
  • Your phone must be rooted. Before installing the mod zip file you need to root your phone.
  • Install a Custom Recovery. It is needed to flash the Mod.


  • Volume Increase Mod for One Plus One. Download here.

How to install the mod and increase the sound of the One Plus One.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Boot into Recovery.
  • Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache.
  • Install mod zip file.
  • Reboot and enjoy…

If you have any other question about the mod feel free to do in the comment section below. If anything is OK and you found this guide helpful then please click the Like button below.

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