How To Solve LG G3 Unfortunately VZWAVSService Has Stopped

Here it comes a another issue with LG G3. Unfortunately, VZWAVSService has stopped appears as a Pop-up window on your LG G3. It seems not to cause any problem in phone system only that it’s an annoying pop-up that appears anytime.

Until now we have no further explanation what is it and why it is all the time popping up. But from what we have seen it looks like it is related to a Verizon service, possibly Verizon Address Verification System Service for matching addresses to credit and debit card purchases and it seems to be some kind of a conflict with a Google+ update.

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Whatever it is some workaround solutions are found even for this issue. Even though it doesn’t cause any problem to the device, it’s annoying the fact that it keeps popping up every moment. To help you to solve this issue we created this article with the following solutions. They have worked for many users but this doesn’t mean that they will work the same for you.

LG G3 Unfortunately VZWAVSService has stopped

  • Go to Settings > Applications > All Tab and scroll down until you find the Google+ app. Tap on it and then Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  • If the issue still appears go again to apps and find Google+ app. This time Uninstall Updates because a last one update may be conflicting with the service.
  • Deactivate VZWAVSService through application manager. Or you can root your LG G3 and use apps like Titanium Backup to do it.
  • If the problem still appears consider rooting you phone and installing a Custom ROM as a good solution.

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