How To Fix Galaxy Note 4 Heart Rate Monitor Not Working

Galaxy Note 4 owners have reported an issue with the S Health app. More specifically the problem consists of Note 4 heart rate sensor not working. It seems to be a strange problem but there are numerous users who have reported the same issue: Samsung health not measuring heart rate.

In this article, we will share with you some workaround solutions to try and fix Note 4 hear rate monitor not working. Normally, when you put the finger over the sensor it should measure the heart rate but people are complaining that it doesn’t. On the other hand, the SpO2 function that is in also on the heart rate monitor works just fine.

It may sound as broken heart rate sensor but it might not be always the case. It can be also a bug within the system and it can be easily fixed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a plethora of facilities to consider it a personal medical assistant. It has different sensors to measure blood pressure, heart rate and much more. Even though it may give accurate data about your blood pressure and other medical stuff, still do not always trust it. If you see something not going well, you should consider consulting with a medical specialist.

samsung galaxy note 4 heart rate monitor problem

Hear rate is a neat feature of the Galaxy Note 4 but still, it is not completely believable. Samsung says not to rely much on the sensor and use it only as a personal medical assistant. However, for more accurate measures you should make a blood test and use the proper types of equipment to measure your health.

Anyhow, you have purchased a Galaxy Note 4 and you are facing problems with the heart rate sensor. Before going to ask for professional service you should try to fix Note 4 heart rate monitor not working by yourself.

How to fix Note 4 Heart Rate Sensor not working

Galaxy health not measuring heart rate is not such a big problem and it can be easily fixed. There are some workaround solutions you can try and they may fix the issue.

The way you put your finger over the sensor is very important to measure the heart rate correctly so make sure to do in on the right way.

Are you using a case? If yes, try to remove this because it may prevent the sensor from reading when you put the finger on it.


Try to install other standalone third-party apps to measure the heart rate. There are plenty of apps available on Play Store you can try. They may be more accurate than the Samsung app. So give it a try, head over to Play Store and download an app. A good one is Polar Bluetooth heart rate. Plenty of people are using it and it seems to work perfectly.

If none of the above works, you can try to factory reset the phone and wipe everything. Usually, a factory reset will fix every software related issues. If you are still experiencing problems after a factory reset, it might be better to ask for a professional service or if you can use your warranty ask for a replacement.

Are you facing any issue with your device?

Let us know in the comments below if any of this works for you.


  1. After updating 6.0.1 hrm sensor not working properly, it calculate uv ray perfectly but unable to calcualter heart rate and many more measurement accept uv ray

  2. Leonard A Briscoe

    I just recently started experiencing this problem. I found that neither one of my index fingers registers well on the sensor. However, both of middle fingers register instantly and give good readings. There is a significant difference in density between my index finger and middle finger and perhaps this is the reason.

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