How To check If Galaxy S5 Is Refurbished Or Used

Learn how to check for refurbished or used Galaxy S5 device. A refurbished phone is that device which is damaged and then it is repaired and it’s made like new. Despite any change you can do to your Galaxy S5 still exist a way to tell you if your device is used or in the worst case if it is fake. There are many cases when you buy a Galaxy S5 thinking you are buying a new device but unfortunately it is used or refurbished.

The phone is called refurbished when it is repaired and it is sold for new. There are many people who buy damaged phones and repair them and sell those like new.In this way they take a lot of money. For example they buy Galaxy devices which has a damaged screen and then remove the old one and make the phone look like new. Performing a factory reset also help those people to cover their illegal work of selling used devices for new.

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No one would like to pay too much money for a device which isn’t even new. Galaxy S5 is one of the most seller devices of the moments. It has good specs and many software improvements that makes it one of the most wanted phone. That’s the reason why people buy refurbished devices, repair them and sell it again for new. For buyers this is not a good thing because they spend a lot of money and they don’t take what they want.

refurbishment galaxy s5

Before buying a new smartphone not only a Galaxy S5 but even other devices, do a little research if there is any way how to check for fake phone, refurbished or used. There are several simple ways that may look ridiculous but they are very useful when it comes to see if a phone is new or not. This article is only to tell you how to check if the Galaxy S5 you are going to buy or already bought is refurbished or not.

The only thing you have to do is to download and install an app from Play Store. The app called “Phone Info Samsung” can be download from here. This app gives you a lot of information about your Galaxy S5 device like firmware version, manufacture date and much more. It also tells you if the phone is rooted before or not by showing you if KNOX warranty has been avoided.

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It also show you how many time the charger and the headphones are plugged into the phone. On the top right corner you will see three dots. Tap on them and select “Refurbishment Check”. This option will tell you if your phone is refurbished or not.

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