Fix Play Store Device isn’t Supported By Editing Build.prop File

Have you ever wanted to download any app on Play Store but it says device not supported. Well, every Android user has faced this issue at least one time in its life. It can happens to every one, but not all knows how to deal with it. This time a developer named DroidModder created something for us to fix “Play Store device isn’t supported”.

The developer says he will rescue every one who is faced with the problem. In just a few seconds you will be able to download even those apps which are not supported on your device. Simply by editing build.prop file system and you are done.

To access this file you need a file manager and root access. It’s recommended to use ES File Explorer. It is free and you can download it from Play Store.  Once downloaded and installed open the File Manager and then tap Menu and then Settings. You will see the apps Settings Menu. In the Settings Menu scroll down and find Root Settings. In Root Settings check Root Explorer and Mount File System.

Once you do that, go back to the File Explorer that shows all the folders. On the top right you will see a small windows like icon, tap on it and some other icons will appear. In the left, find the icon that has a star and says Favorites. Tap on it and it will display all the directories on your device, like SDcard, Internal Storage. Tap the icon that shows your device and you will be into Internal Storage.

Navigate to the system file. Check for it towards the bottom. Enter in the system file and scroll down to the bottom. Here should be build.prop. Be careful because there is another file named build.prop.bak. Do not use it, leave alone. Tap on build.prop and a pop-up will ask you what editor do you want to view/edit build.prop. Chose the ES Note Editor.

Once you have opened build.prop file, use the following settings to edit it.

  • Edit Android Version by locating and change the current build version.
  • Edit Model by locating ro.product.model= and changing your model.
  • Change product brand by locating , if you edit this please note that the name must be in all lowercase letters.

Once you edit the build.prop file, press the menu and then Save. Exit the app and reboot your device.

Once the phone is turned on, go to Settings > About Phone and see the changes.

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