How To Install Stock Official Firmware On Any Samsung Device

Here is a step by step guide to install official stock firmware to every Samsung device. It will restore your phone status to default and make it like new. Remember it will not reset KNOX to 0, so if you are looking for something to reset KNOX we haven’t found any guide yet. If you do a little more search you may find something but we don’t believe that is something that can reset KNOX because it is on bootloader and will not be affected when you flash different files.

This guide is for those persons who already rooted their devices and the next step they probably have done is installing a Custom Recovery. After the Recovery you might have installed a Custom ROM and now you want to revert your phone back to stock and install an official firmware and make it like new.

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Probably you meet all the requirements before starting this guide but however you can check again to make sure everything will go right. First of all your phone must be rooted and a Custom Recovery installed. It’s recommended to use Philz Touch or any CWM based because it is more safety. But even you have installed TWRP before it’s alright you can continue with the guide.


official firmware for any Samsung device


  • Odin3. Download here.
  • Stock firmware for your device. Download here. Search your device by name or model number and download the firmware. After finding your device, download the firmware and you will get a tar.md5 file. It is the right file and it’s not needed to extract it.
  • Samsung USB drivers. Download here.

Note: We at DoryLabs are not responsible if anything goes wrong. It has worked for me and many users and it might work for you also. It is tested and it’s safe but who knows things can happen so do it at your own risk.

How To Install Stock Firmware On Any Samsung Device

  • Turn of your phone.
  • Boot into Recovery.
  • Wipe Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache.
  • Wipe Preloaded if your recovery has this option.
  • Factory Reset the phone. This is a must. Do not avoid this step.
  • Reboot.
  • Turn off again and boot into Download Mode. Press and hold in the same time Volume Down + Power + Home Button. When phone boots into download mode it will ask you to press a button. Press that key and your phone will boot successfully.
  • On your PC running Windows open Odin3.
  • Click on PDA tab and select the firmware file tar.md5 you downloaded from link above. It may freeze for the moment but give it the needed time and it will be OK.

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  • Once the firmware file is loaded successfully, connect your phone to PC through a USB cable.
  • Check the text box in the top left corner of Odin. It should say “Added”. This mean your computer has recognised the phone.
  • If not then it’s probably you don’t have the proper drivers installed. Make sure to install them so your computer will recognise the phone.
  • Once the phone is recognised tap on START.
  • Wait for the flashing process to finish and reboot.

The first boot might take more time than usually, sometime it goes about 10 minutes. Give it the needed time and once your phone is turned on, it will be like new with a stock official Samsung Firmware. It the first boot last more than 20 minutes, something might have gone wrong. You have to start the guide from the beginning. If you have any other question feel free to ask.

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