How To Disable Built-In Apps On Samsung Galaxy S6

Every Samsung device comes with plethora of built-in apps and pre-installed bloatware. Galaxy devices are probably with the most pre-installed apps than other Android phones. Samsung has improved the software in every new release but still there are so much bloatware on official Touchwiz version of Android that Galaxy devices comes with.

The latest release, the Galaxy S6 is optimized to give its users the best experience. We have to admin that Samsung has done a good job with it. Galaxy S6 is the first Samsung phone with a premium body made by aluminium and glass.

The software is also optimized for better performance and to run without any lag. The number of built-in apps and services is reduced this year but it is still a Samsung device. Luckily Samsung Galaxy S6 users can easily disable pre-installed apps. After you disable these apps they will not appear in app drawer or run in background.

Uninstall Galaxy S6 buil-in apps

To disable built-in apps on Samsung Galaxy S6 there are two ways. Samsung prefers to keep things simple so even this time you can easily disable built-in apps. The first and easier way to do this is to go to app drawer and tap on the edit menu. Then you will see that all the apps will have in minus sign on the corner.

Usually on other smartphones the built-in apps doesn’t have a minus sing so you can’t disable them. In Galaxy S6 you will notice that all the apps can be disable either the installed or the built in. Simply tap on that minus sign on the app you want to remove and that’s all. If possible the app will be deleted otherwise it will simply be disabled but you will not receive any kind of notifications from this app.

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The other method is to go to Settings > Application > Application Manager. From the list find the apps you want to remove or disable. When you tap on the application a window will open and it will have all the application options. What I think that are not useful in Galaxy S6 and would better disable are the Microsoft suite of apps, lookout and the S-Voice.

If you don’t like any of the other bloats you can disable them as well. If if the app is not uninstalled but it is only disabled, you will not notice it at all.

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