How To Enable Galaxy Note 4 Fast Charging Mode

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a real beast. With Note Series Samsung has created awesome devices. The latest one the Galaxy Note 4 has plenty of features. Once you get this device in your hand, you will enter in an amazing world and you will not want to go out. You will be amazed by the performance of Galaxy Note 4 and all its features.

While checking the cool features of this device, and unleashing the power of the beast, it’s something you might be worry. The battery will drain very fast. You may think to recharge it and continue testing the power of Note 4, but this is the real problem. The Galaxy Note 4 may have a good battery that can last for a long time. But the real problem is that the battery needs a long time to fully recharge.  Not all can wait for hours so their phone will fully recharge.

Samsung never disappointed its clients, even this time the Galaxy Note 4 come with a feature called ‘Fast Charging Mode’ and inside the box the device is shiped with an Adaptive Fast Charger. In Fast Charging Mode the Galaxy Note 4 need about one hour to get a fully charge to 100%. This is an awesome feature and very useful when you don’t have to much time and need a fully charged phone.

The Fast Charging Mode is activated by default, when you charge the phone for the first time you find it working. But in case you have bought a used Galaxy Note 4 and the previous owner has disabled the feature. Or maybe you have disabled it by your own and you have forgot how to enable it again, you are in the right place. Below is a useful step by step guide showing you how to enable Fast Charging Mode on Galaxy Note 4.


How To Enable Galaxy Note 4 Fast Charging Mode

  • Take your device and go to Settings -> System -> Power Saving
  • Under Power Saving check the third option, it should be Fast Charging
  • Check that box in front of Fast Charging option
  •  That’s all Fast Charging Mode is now enabled.
  • To have a good charge use the original charger and original data cable.
  • It’s very important to use the original charger that was shipped with your phone, otherwise the Fast Charging Mode will not work. 
  • If you connect the original charger and the data cable, a message will appear on your screen saying ‘Fast Charger Connected.

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