How To Enable Multi-Window Mode On Android M Developer Preview

Android M is here and as usually it brings tons of Customizations and features. This time Google is focused more in the core of the system by improving it’s performance rather than the User Interface. It still has a Material Design UI that is redesigned but there are no fundamental changes.

When it comes to features and system improvements Google has done a excellent job with Android M. It brings more enhancements and security features, a fast charging mode, a new way how your device will handle the power and much more.

During the Google I/O were presented almost all the featured of Android M. We will talk about them in another article. What was surprising was that Multi-Window Mode feature wasn’t announced during the keynote. Maybe because of this warning.

Enable Multi Window Android M Developer Preview


By default this is not shown in user build of Android M so you will need to do some work if you want to enable Multi-Window on Android M Developer Preview. To do that you will need a rooted phone and a custom recovery but fo now there is no way to root Android M. This is the part of developer when they help us. A Member at the XDA, Recognized Contributor Quinny899 managed to find a way to activate Multi-Window Mode on Android M Developer Preview. All you will need it your phone, a USB cable, TWRP and a PC with ADB installed:

How To Enable Android M Developer Preview Multi-Window Mode


Before starting to mess up with your device you should remember that here at DoryLabs no one shall not held responsible for any trouble with your phone. We only provide the guides which are tested and worked for many users but this doesn’t mean that they will work for every device. You should follow all the steps carefully and remember do this at your own risk.

How To Guide

  • Turn off your device and boot into Recovery.
  • Go to Mounts > Tick System to mount your system.
  • Go on your computer and open a command line and type the following code:
adb pull /system/build.prop
  • Open your favourite file explorer, It’s recommended to use Notepad++ if you are on windows.
  • Find the “” line.
  • Change the text after = to from “user” to userdebug”
  • Optional: If you want a nice DPI you should change also the line “ro.sf.lcd_density” to your prefered DPI.
  • Save this file and go back to command line.
  • Type the following command:
adb push build.prop /system/
  •  Now open a shell and type:
adb shell
  • When the adb shell is open, enter these commands:
cd system
chmod 644 build.prop
  • Reboot the device as normally.
  • Once the device boots succesfully go to Developer Options.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and find the Drawing category.
  • Enable Multi-Window and Enjoy.

Multi Window Android M Developer Preview

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