How To Copy & Paste On CyanogenMod (CM) File Manager

CyanogenMod File Manager comes with a plethora of features but they may be “hidden” and you need to figure out how to use them. Have you ever wondered if there is a copy-paste feature on CM file manager?

Of course, it is… But it’s hidden and you may not find it easily. So if you ever tried to copy and paste files on CyanogenMod File Manager but you couldn’t make it, you are in the right place to learn how to do it.

Here we will walk through a guide how to quickly copy-paste files on CM file manager.

CyanogenMod file manager is such a great app cause it has all the features you need from a file manager. Well, it might not be easy to find these features right in the first time you start using the app but once you do it, you will definitely love the CM file manager,

Recently we published an article how to enable root access on CM file manager. This is also another hidden feature of this app. Sometimes it’s better to check if your installed apps have hidden features rather than going straight ahead to the Play Store and install a third-party app. Especially when you install a Custom ROM because they are designed to give you more control over your device, more in-depth customizations and also a smooth performance.

To find other features of your ROM just make a simple Google Search. In this article, we will show you only how to easily copy-paste files on CM File Manager. The best features are always hidden but it doesn’t really matter as long as we can access them.

CM File Manager comes also as a standalone application. This means you can download and install it on other ROMs as well. No matter if you are using CM File Manager on CM ROM or another software, as long as you have it and want to learn how to copy and paste, we are here to help you.

How to copy/paste on CM file manager

If you are using a CM ROM or simply have installed CM File Manager on your current ROM here is how to copy and paste files on that file manager. Follow the steps below:

Follow the steps below:

  • Open CM File Manager
  • Find and select the files you want to copy
  • Go to the folder you want to paste this files
  • Tap on the Actions button

actions button

After tapping on the Action button a new dialog page will open. Tap copy selection here, and all the files will be copied to the new destination folder. It doesn’t have a paste option that’s why most of the people think there is no copy-paste option.

Does it make sense for a File Manager not to have copy-paste option?

Of course not.

CM file manager copy and paste

That’s all! In other file managers, it may be very simple to copy and paste files. There is always an option there. Unfortunately, it’s not the same with CM file manager but now you know how to do it.

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