How To Fix Nexus Status 7 Unexpected Content Error While Installing OTA or Custom ROM

We all love software updates and the goodies they bring to our devices. Who doesn’t want new features and improvements?

Do you?

OEMs release OTA update once in a while, when a new version of Android is developed. However not everybody get the OTA update at the same time because of the regional limitations. However once the new OTA update is available and it is released you can download the zip file and sideload or flash it via the stock recovery.

Things may go well for some people, but for some others don’t. They get a Status 7 error for several reasons such as the wrong ROM or OTA zip file, outdated custom recovery or bootloader and few other reasons.

The status 7 error can happen in every device but in this article we are going to show you a simple solution to fix Nexus Status 7 unexpected content error. You may get other Status 7 errors such as “installation aborted”.

In case your Nexus device show a strange message and notifies the device has got some “unexpected contents” on it, and if it shows a message like this:

  • Verifying current system...
    "/system/<SOME>.apk" has unexpected contents.
    E:Error in /tmp/
    (Status 7)

You have some work to do to fix Status 7 unexpected content on Nexus devices.



Here at DoryLabs we shall not held any responsible if you break up with your girlfriend, have a fight with your parents or brick your device. Remember you are doing this on your own and it’s up to you if you want to mess up with your device or not. We only share tips that are proven to work but this doesn’t mean that problem may not happen. However if you have any issue feel free to contact us or write in the comment section below and we will be happy to hep you.

Here is how to fix Nexus status 7 unexpected content error

Download the official factory images for your device. Extract the downloaded file because it is an archive. Open the firmware folder and you will see a file with a .zip extension. Unzip it again to find a file named system.img.

Flash the file using ADB. If you haven’t used adb before, I recommend you to learn what is adb and how to use it. To flash system.img type the following code:

  • fastboot flash system system.img

This will flash the system image file and you will be able to install the OTA update successfully.

If your phone have the Franco Kernel installed and you’re having issues to install the OTA zip file, follow the steps below to fix it.

  • Download and flash a stock kernel
  • Reboot the device and boot into recovery
  • Run ADB shell on computer and rename the following files;
  1. /system/lib/hw/ ==> /system/lib/hw/
  2. /system/bin/thermal-engine-hh-bak ==> /system/bin/thermal-engine-hh

Now download and install the OTA update zip via recovery. Here is how to do it:

  • Download the firmware zip file and put it on your phone internal storage.
  • Reboot your phone into recovery using the proper key combination.
  • Go to the install section and select the firmware zip file.
  • Confirm to flash and wait for it to finish.

Optional: Flash the latest version of SuperSU to have root access.

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