How to Mirror Roku on Windows 10

Can you mirror on Roku?

That’s a question that many people are asking in forums and a searching a lot so we have decided to write this piece of content to help you learn to understand how Roku screen mirroring works on Windows.

Screen mirroring is the method used to reproduce the screen of your Roku device on to your TV screen or an external device. Mirror cast, the best protocol is available with the Roku device to enable the Screen Mirroring and you can mirror Roku on windows 10 to obtain excellent and good quality outputs.

Latest streaming devices like Roku3 has built-in Screen mirroring features and most of the users prefer using it

The method is quite simple and easy if you follow some the quick and easy guidelines below

How to Mirror Roku on windows 10               

All the Roku streaming devices have built-in screen mirroring protocol and you can use it for completing the screen mirroring process successfully.

To screen mirror Roku on a computer running Windows 10 simply connect your Roku streaming device and your system to the same wireless network. Also, ensure that the wireless network name and the password you are using is correct and secured.

Wireless network passwords are always WEP or WPA and the wireless network name is SSID.

Find the below steps to screen mirror your Roku on windows 10

  • The first and the foremost step is to activate the Roku device using access the settings menu. The option settings will be visible and you can choose the settings to proceed further.
  • Cast your Roku screen from your Roku streaming Device or Smartphone to the Windows PC
  • To cast or mirror Roku on Windows 10, go to Settings > Display and click on the option Cast Screen in the settings menu

How to Mirror Roku on windows 10 using the Roku app on your Smartphone

  • It is also possible to Mirror Roku on Windows 10 using the Roku app on your smartphone or the tablet. Download the app first from the Play Store and install it first.
  • Open the app on your smartphone or tablet and press the cast button that is visible on the screen.
  • Find the button located at the upper right corner. It looks like a TV screen.
  • Select the model of your Roku streaming device and choose the content which you want to stream.
  • Access the settings menu and choose the System Settings.
  • Select the screen Mirroring option and then click on the Enable Screen Mirroring tab. The option will be enabled once you click on the respective tab.
  • Disable Screen Mirroring option can be used to deactivate the option if it is not required. You can also go to the Advanced System Settings to know more on how to activate the screen mirroring.
  • Select only the Enable Screen Mirroring option and not any other options.
  • Find the option cast device screen and then mirror the screen to Windows 10.
  • Use an active and secure Internet connection to Mirror Roku on Windows 10 using the downloaded application.
  • Cast the Roku screen to windows 10.

How to resolve screen mirroring issue on Roku

Errors in screen Mirroring occurs often. There are a lot of ways for resolving the screen mirroring errors. The most common error is Windows 10 can not connect to Roku Tv. So to try solving Roku screen casting problems you should first go through the steps below.

  • Update the software which you are using. If not try installing the latest version of software’s on your device
  • Check the Network connection and the device and secure with the security protocols like WEP or WPA
  • Restart your Roku device and then screen mirror your device
  • Uninstall the Roku app on your Mobile device and then install it again
  • Check the screen Mirror settings on your device

Screen Mirror your Roku on Windows 10 and have a wonderful streaming experience. Stay tuned and Watch your favorites by casting your screen to Windows 10


  1. This guideliness is very usefull to me ,thanks for u wonderfull post

  2. I would like to mirror/cast FROM Roku to Windows 10. I thought your article would discuss this, but if it does I didn’t see it.

    I would like to view my Roku output, whatever it is, on my computer, audio and video. Note that Miracast supports DRM, so this doesn’t violate any regulations.

    • I have discovered that the Roku output only goes to the TV set. It cannot be viewed on any other device.

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