How to Fix Overheating Problem On LG G3

Another issue is reported by LG G3 users and in this post, we will share an LG G3 overheating solution. People worldwide have reported that LG G3 becomes very hot without any reason. It makes sense when we play a graphically intensive game for a long time but when the phone gets hot without any reason, this is strange.

Well, almost every device gets hot when using for a long time, especially when playing game. But the devices will go back to the normal state in just a couple of minutes while with LG G3 this doesn’t happen. It still stay warm for a longer time even if you have closed any application running on it.

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LG G3 has good specs for a normal use of the phone, but still it gets hot even when you do basic things such as watching a movie, using camera, play music etc. LG G3 overheating issues is such a big problem because the phone will suffer also from lag in performance and won’t run smooth. The first action we recommend to prevent LG G3 from getting hot, is to remove any case you might be using. It will help the phone remain normal.

How to fix LG G3 overheating issue


When the LG G3 becomes uncomfortable and gets really hot, close any app, turn off the phone and remover the battery. Wait for a few minutes until the phone cools down and then reinsert the battery and turn it on again.

You should immediately remove the battery because overheating issues damage also the battery.

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If your LG G3 gets hot when you’re not using it or the screen is off, you should ask for professional service or ask for a replacement because this is a serious problem.

Let us know your experience with the LG G3 overheating issue on your phone. Comment below to share your experience or if you know any other tip to fix LG G3 heating problem.

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