How To Fix Play Store Won’t Connect – Can’t Estabilish A Reliable Connection To The Server

Play Store can’t establish a reliable connection to the server is an issue that is faced by many people around the globe. If account sync is off permanently a message will appear saying “Sync is currently experiencing problems”. Signing to Google Apps fails and show the following message “Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server”

After many time searches was found that the possible cause is a system file named ‘hosts’ (/etc/hosts) which points to a Google server that changed IP, so it block access to apps. The possible solution is to edit the ‘hosts’ file.

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Note: We are not responsible for any damage happens to your phone, if you want to continue do anything with your own risk.

Play store cant establish a reliable data connection to the server

How To Fix ‘Can’t establish a Reliable Connection To The Server, Play Store Won’t Connect

Method 1

  • You must have a rooted device in order to do so.

To edit the file you will need a proper editor. Download and install Total Comander

Open it and go to root/etc (on the right side of ths screen is a shortcut to system folder. Tap on it and look for etc/).

Tap mount R/W

Long tap on ‘hosts’ > edit file > Totalcmd > Editor

Open etc/hosts and edit the file. Put # before the

Save the file. I should look like this: localhost
# (be careful with the spaces, it should be only one between words)

Next turn off you Android device. It is suggested to do a Factory Reset using Recovery. Wipe data and Cache as well.

Reboot the phone, once the phone is turned on input your Google Account information when it asks for it.

Then sync to your accouns and add contacts.

Method 2

Your device must be rooted. Download and install Root Explorer, run app and grant SU access.

Using Root Explorer navigate to /etc, at the top of the screen you will see mount R/O and Mount R/W.

Chose Mount R/W. Then look for the host file. Once you found it open with a text editor and simply add # before the first number, and it should look like this: # one space)

Save it and Reboot the phone. Once the phone is turned on you can connect to Play Store very well.

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Note: If the above methods don’t work then you have some problems with your wireless connection. Revert the host file back to original and download this app.

Once downloaded run this app and choose the prefered method to edit.

Another Way Play Store not working after Installing/Uninstalling Freedom App.

Using Root Explorer, Mount R/W then delete Hosts file under system/etc/.

Reboot the phone.

Once the phone is on, shut it down again and boot into Recovery. Wipe Cache & Dalvik Cache and then reboot again.

It will be back to normal. The problem should be fixed.

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