How To Install a Custom Recovery & Root ZTE V5 RedBull V9180

Here is a the guide to rot ZTE V5 RedBull and install a Custom Recovery. If you follow the steps carefully within a few minutes you will have installed a Custom Recovery an sucessfully rot your ZTE V5 RedBull.

this phone is awesome. it has good specs and low price comparing to other phones with the same specs. This is the main reason why lot of people are buying it. ZTE V5 RedBull has also great design, so if you are looking with a phone with good specs and to look good than probably ZTE V5 RedBull is a great choice. But if you are here these mean that you already have bought the phone and you want to rot it. So without further ado let’s jump into the tutorial.

Note: I shall not held any responsible for any damage happen to your device during or after the process. Here at DoryLabs we only provide the guide and the necessary files but only you can decide to go further ot not. So if you want to install a Custom Recovery and Root ZTE V5 RedBull proceed at your own risk.

ZTE-RedBull root and custom recovery

How To Install CWM Custom Recovery On ZTE V5 RedBull V 9180

Getting things ready

  • The CWM Custom Recovery you are going to find here is only for ZTE V5 Redbull V9180. Do not try to install in on other devices because it will result in soft bricking.
  • Just to be safe I recommend to do a backup. Even if something goes wrong you still can access your data and restore them immediately.
  • Make sure your phone is charged up to 70% so it will not shut down during the process. If it goes dead then you may in in soft bricking.
  • Install the proper adb drivers on your PC. Without them the process will not be succesful.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your phone.


 Install CWM Custom Recovery on ZTE Nubia V5 V9180

  • Download the required Custom Recovery on move it to the root folder of the internal memory.
  • Download the Recovery tool zip file from link above on your windows PC.
  • Make sure you have already enabled USB Debugging on your ZTE V6 RedBull.
  • Connect the phone to PC.
  • Go to the Recovery Tool folder you have downloaded and execute run.bat file.
  • A new windows will open on your PC when you will have to select the Custom Recovery.
  • Follow all the steps on the screen and thats all.
  • Reboot and Enjoy!

How To Root ZTE V5 Redbull V9180


  • The root guide you are going to find here is only for ZTE V5 RedBull V9180. Do no try it on other devices because it will result in bricked device.
  • Always make a backup of your custom ROM just to be safe if any thing goes wrong.
  • Install a Custom Recovery from the below tutorial.
  • Charge your phone up to 70% si it will no turn off during the root process.


Root ZTE V5 Redbull V9180

  • Download both Gapps and Root Files and pu them on the root directory of your phone memory.
  • Turn off the phone.
  • Boot into Recovery. To do this press Volume Up + Power Button at the same time for few seconds and then you have to release the Power button.
  • Once the phone boot into Reovery, navigate to Install ZIP and choose the zip file you have downloaded.
  • Click yes and wait for the procces to finish.
  • Flash Gapps.
  • Reboot System.
  • If it ask to fix the permission when you reboot, click tyes and wait for your phone to reboot.
  • That’s all. Your ZTE V5 RedBull is rooted.

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