How To Use Your Android Phone As a Microphone For Computer

Here is a short guide how to transform your Android device into a mic for your PC. You don’t have to worry anymore if your mic is broken. If you don’t have one, don’t buy it because now you can use your phone and it will work perfect.

Our guide is very simple and anyone can do it. Within a few steps you are done. Your Android device will work as a microphone perfectly.

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The beauty is that it work under WiFi or you can connect the phone to PC using a USB cable. No matter what kind of phone do you have, if it’s running Android you can turn it right now into a mic for your PC.

Wo app turns your smartphone into a pc mic

All you have to do is to install a simple app in both devices, in your phone and computer. It is called WO Mic Client and you can download it from the links below.

  • WO app for PC. Download here.
  • WO app for your Android device. Download here.

Download and install the apps in both devices. Firstly run the app on your phone and then on your PC.

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On PC client go to Connection > Connect and you are done. Now you can use your Android phone as a mic for your computer.

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