Galaxy Note 4 – Is It Fake or Real (How To check)

You are thinking to by a Galaxy Note 4 but you are afraid from scammers and fake devices. After reading this article, you will have much information about a fake and a real device and the difference between them. When you finish reading this post, you can easily spot a fake Galxy Note 4 device. Scammers are everywhere, once a new phone is released a fake one is released too. So be careful when you buy a new phone from non official shops.

The fake device is so similar with the original. So pay attention before buying it. We have spotted a fake device and found some points where you can easily check if a Galaxy note 4 is fake or genuine. It’s not hard to spot but it’s not simple at all. So be careful and follow all the steps below and you will easily check if the Galaxy Note 4 you are going to buy is fake or genuine.

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Model Number. Go to Settings > About Phone > Model Number. Check the model number and then Google it. It is the first step you can do to spot a fake Note 4. Despite the Model Number being OK, this doesn’t mean the Galaxy Note 4 is real. In most of the cases fake Galaxy Note 4 has a fake Model Number but this doesn’t mean that you will not find any fake Galaxy Note 4 with a real Model Number. So after checking the model number, even if it is real don’t stop checking. Go ahead and follow the next steps.

Design. Pay a little more attention to design. Both variants the fake and the real one may look similar but there are few changes in design. Usually in fake devices the back cover has not the same pattern as the real one, the Faux Leather. Both devices look to be carbon copies but the fake one seems to be less bring white than the real one. You would need to have two devices sitting next to each other to notice this difference.

check fake galaxy note 4

The Box. It may seem ridiculous but the real box change from the fake one. So this may be helpful to spot a fake Note 4. The real box has mentioned that it is printed in Vietnam. The fake one in most of the cases doesn’t mention any printed location. The color also might be different but not too much, so in the first sight you will not spot it. The real box color is closer to beige than white on the fake one.

fake galaxy note 4

The battery. First of all batteries don’t have the same text layout. The real difference is that the real one states that it’s made in Korea and assembled in Vietnam, while the fake in most of the cases says that it’s made in Japan. Check also the voltage, in the real one it’s 3.85v and in the fake it can be different.

fake galaxy note 4 vs real

Apps & OS. Between the fake and the real device can be differences also in apps and the OS. The fake device will never have the Touchwiz firmware of Samsung, but only a copy of ii, and it’s sure that there will be changes. First of all the fake device doesn’t have the KNOX feature that Samsung devices has. It also doesn’t have all the Samsung bloatware. It may have only few of them but a fake device will never have all Samsung bloatware. Sometimes also are some misspellings visible, like instead of Internet is says Browser.

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Performance. The fake phone will never have the speed and the power of the real Galaxy Note 4. The real phone has a Snapdragon 805 processor which the fastest and the most powerful of the moment. The fake one in most of the cases has a chipset and slower MediaTek processor. A good idea to test performance is to install any benchmark from Play store and check the score. you can search on internet real Note 4 score and compare it with the scores on the phone. The benchmark also says what processor does your phone have, RAM, Graphic Card, Screen Size, Resolution and other specs.

Source: DoryLabs and infamousgeek

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