How To Install Blackberry Apps On Android (No Root Required)

How is it going droiders? In today’s post we are going to learn how to install Blackberry apps in a non rooted Android device.  I have to admit that the developers of Android are pretty good. Thanks to  cobalt232 a member at the XDA we can install Blackberry apps to any Android device.

The developer say that the apps should work on every Android 6.0.1. He has patched the apps so they can work normally in this version of Android.  Do no try it on Android 5.x Lollipop because it’s not supported anymore by Blackberry.

To have an overview what apps are working check the list below:

Working Apps

  • Blackberry Contacts
  • Blackberry Keyboard
  • Blackberry Launcher
  • Blackberry Calendar
  • Blackberry Notes
  • Blackberry Services
  • Blackberry Hub
  • Blackberry Universalsearch
  • Blackberry Universalsearch
  • Blackberry Passwordkeeper

Blackberry Apps for Android


Blackberry Manager – Download and Update


All Blackberry Apps are the property of Blackberry and by using these apps you agree to the Blackberry terms and conditions. The apps are made to work on stock Android devices but there is no warranty. So Do everything on your own risk and if you really like using these apps consider buying a Blackberry Android device.

How to install Blackberry Apps On non-rooted Android device

If you have installed any other blackberry apps with the root method you should uninstall them and then reboot your device. Download and install Blackberry Manager and grant permissions to storage on Android 6.0.

  • Install the apps directly from Blackberry Manager.
  • After installing Blackberry services reboot your device or otherwise things won’t work.

If you want to use Blackberry Hub and the other apps except for Keyboard and Password Keeper you must install Blackberry Services. Also it’s very important you should grant all permissions to the apps so they can work correctly. On Android 6.x.x this must be done manually for every single app.

To use Blackberry launcher you have to go to settings and configure the its launcher as default launcher. To do this go to Settings > Applications > Default Apps > Home and set Blackberry Launcher as default.

To get the Spark notifications on incoming messages you have to configure some settings. So go to Settings > Security > Other Security Settings. Go to device Administrators and enable Blackberry Mail and Blackberry Launcher. Next go to Notification Settings and enable Blackberry Hub and Launcher.

Blackberry Hub has its own Microsoft Exchange integration. If you would like to use the Hub together with the Exchange then you need to remove default device exchange program. If you don’t do this, you will have double calendar entries on your device.

Check the video below to understand better how it works

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