How To Lock Any App With Fingerprint Security In Samsung Galaxy Devices

Fingerprint Scanner is a security feature that Samsung has equipped to its latest devices. Fingerprint Scanner is a advanced method of security which will protect your phone from others, which may want to use your phone without your permission. Fingerprint is also a good security feature because you don’t have to remember any password or pattern.

At first fingerprint security was announced by Apple with iPhone 5S. After Apple many other manufacture who create Android phones rushed to add this feature to their device, like Samsung with Galaxy S5 and Note 4. Fingerprint scanner will make your device more secure, but unfortunately by default you can lock only lock screen.

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By default in the Samsung devices is not enabled to lock any particular app. Even though fingerprint sensor is paypal certified which means that you can do online payments only by swiping your finger in the home button, locking a specific app is a missed feature in Samsung devices.

fingersecurity, secure any app with fingerprint in samsung

In Android nothing is impossible. So thanks to an app called FingerSecurity now you can lock all the apps you want with fingerprint security. This app will protect your apps with a fingerprint security. You can choose any app you want for locking with fingerprint security.

FingerSecurity is an app full of features that include:

  • A widget for quick enable and disable service.
  • Advanced Security to prevent uninstall from third-party persons.
  • Alternative password.
  • Timeout to allow short absence till you lock the screen.
  • Auto protect new apps/
  • Location based security so that means you don’t have to unlock your apps when you are at home.
  • Hide UI for finger scanner.
  • Protect Notifications.
  • You can use different fingerprint scanner themes.
  • Use a specific finger to unlock different apps.

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How to lock any app with fingerprint scanner security

  • Download FingerSecurity app from Play Store.
  • Once the app is installed, open it.
  • You will see a list with all applications.
  • Enable the app you want to lock with fingerprint scanner.

After locking the apps, the next time you want to open the app you have to pass the fingerprint security step, which means you have to swipe your finger at the scanner and the app will be open.

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