Get Genymotion With Play Store, SuperSu and Xposed (Fully Working)


Genymotion is a very popular Android emulator. Not only users but also developers use it a lot. In today’s article we are going to learn how to easily install Play Store, SuperSu and Xposed on Genymotion. I come across this solution after looking several videos and reading numerous tutorials but actually all of them are outdated. After some hours of searching I found this solution and I decided to share it with you.

If you have been using Genymotion for a while you may have noticed a big problem, force closing Play Services. There are some workaround solution to fix this issue but you know it’s annoying to run through long guides. It consist on flashing a simple version, than flashing again another second version. After flashing all the files you will have to wait until the up self-update and this is very annoying.

I’m that kind of person who prefers making things easier so even in this case I found a solution to skip going through all those guides. If you deep further you gonna find a bunch of flashable zip files that works with Custom Recoveries but unfortunately they don’t work with Genymotion.

Genymotion Android emulator

When it comes to Google Apps package there is a crucial point. OpenGapps have also a script structure included in their flashable zip but unfortunately they don’t work with Genymotion. BanNks Dynamic GAps that work with Genymotion.

The same thing happens with SuperSu. You have to flash the old version of it and update it later. Newer versions of SuperSu don’t work with Genymotion.

Below you are going to get Genymotion VM with Android Marshmallow, Google Play Store, SuperSu and also Xposed fully working. Thank me later about it, don’t lose time! Go ahead and get Genymotion with all these apps.


If you are an experienced Android user I’m gonna make things a bit easier. I don’t have to explain everything in details to you. So just go ahead and read the short tutorial below:

  1. Create a new virtual device with Android 6.0
  2. Download and flash Genymotion ARM Translator and restart the device.
  3. Download Xposed Framework, flash it and restart.
  4. Install Xposed Installer.
  5. Flash Gapps and restart.
  6. Flash SuperSu and restart.
  7. Go to Play Store and update SuperSu.
  8. Update su binary via SuperSu and restart you device.
  9. Enjoy it!

If you are a newbie and don’t know how to do it, below is a step by step tutorial to make things easier for you.

  • Create a new virtual machine. Open Genymotion and click the Add button. Choose Android 6.0.0, any device model and then click next. Wait until finished and then start the virtual machine by clicking the Start button.
  • Flash Genymotion ARM translator. Easily do this by drag and drop the on the virtual machine window. It will ask you if you want to flash the zip, click OK and wait for the success dialog to appear. Restart the VM by shutting Android device, closing the windows and then starting VM again.
  • Next step is to flash Xposed Framework. So drag and drop on the virtual machine window. It will ask to flash the file. Click Ok and wait for it to be flashed. A successful dialog box will appear. Again restart the VM by shutting down Android, closing windows and starting the VM again.
  • Install Xposed Installer. The same procedure as Xposed framework. Drag and drop XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk on the VM window. Flash it and restart your device.
  • Flash SuperSU. Drag and drop on the VM window. Flash it and reboot the VM by rebooting your device, closing window and start the VM again.
  • Flash Google Apps. It’s the same procedure. Drag and drop Flash it and then reboot the device and the virtual machine. It may take a while to flash Google App
  • Update SuperSU. Get your device and open Play Store. You need to log in with a valid Google account. Search for SuperSU and update is as usual.
  • Update su binary. Open SuperSU. It will ask you for su binary update. Choose normal because there is no recovery like TWRP or CWM in Genymotion. It will ask to reboot, click OK. If it doesn’t reboot than it’s not working. Restart the VM by shutting down Android, closing window and start the virtual machine again.

That’s all! You have successfully installed fully working Genymotion along with working Play Store, SuperSU and Xposed Framework. I must say thank you to  Cypher_01 a XDA senior member for this amazing work. The guys at the XDA do a great job.

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