Install Flesky Keyboard On Any Android (Download APK)

Download and install Fleksy Keyboard on any Android device. You can install it on every Android device, no matter if it’s running Jelly Bean, KitKat or Lollipop ROM. Fleksy is the keyboard you need on your phone to make life easier.

Smartphones have taken an important role in our daily life. We can’t concept the life without internet and smartphones. Million messages are sent every second all around the world. This sound crazy but it’s real. You may be one of the addicted person who is looking for the best typing experience.

What better than Fleksy Keyboard can do that. It allows you to talk even without having to see on the phone. This sound awesome right. Yeah it’s cool. Imagine you can be walking, driving a car and in the same time you want to talk with your loved person but having to see the screen every time you type a word will distract you.

Fleksy keyboard for all android

But how can Fleksy Keyboard do that. Well, let me say that this is the smartest keyboard I have ever seen. It will remember every word you type and if you make a mistake it will auto correct it automatically. Fleksy keyboard is also intuitive in text prediction making writing experience like never before. With Fleksy keyboard installed on your Android device you don’t have to worry any more about mistakes like spelling grammar or missing spaces because it will fix that for you.

To download and use Fleksy Keyboard on your Android device, phone or tablet simply go to Play Store and search it by name. If it says the app isn’t compatible with your device you will need to download the apk file and install it as normal apk.

After downloading and installing Fleksy Keyboard on your phone simply go to Settings > Language and Input and change the default keyboard. Choose Fleksy and you are done. Start writing without worrying about mistakes. Try typing with your eyes closed and you will be amazed. In the end all spelling grammar will be corrected.

A great feature of Fleksy is that you don’t need to tap a button every time you want to delete a word or insert a space. Swipe your finger at the right to insert a space, swipe it to the left to delete a word. Does this sound amazing. It’s not only that, there are more features that Fleksy Keyboard offers to you to make writing unique. You will lean more about them when you try Fleksy Keyboard.

You also can add symbols simply by swapping the finger. You will get more familiar with it with time. If you decided to try Fleksy Keyboard on your device, give us your opinion in the comment section below.

Download Fleksy Keyboard apk

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