Install The Old Silent Mode On Lollipop ROMs With Xposed

Thanks to a developer at the XDA forum named as “tonyp” we all can bring back the old Silent Mode to our device running Lollipop. He have created a module for Xposed and once it is installed, the magic will happen. You can find the old Silent Mode from KitKat installed on your phone. Simply press the Volume Down after reaching Vibration Mode and the Silent Mode will be activated.

In the old Silent Mode you still can receive notifications contrary to the None or Priority Mode on Lollipop. This is a nice feature because you will not hear any sound or vibration but still you wouldn’t miss the important notifications. The phone will run normally and once you receive a notification only a flashlight LED will be turned on or Ambient Display if you already get in on your phone.

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The new notifications of Lollipop doesn’t seem to be liked by many Android user. More they feel dissapointed from Lollipop but luckily thanks to the developers you can’t miss even a single feature no mater if it’s old or new. Ever since the Android 5.0 were released numerous people were annoying from the new way of notifications on Lollipop. For better use of new notifications of Lollipop we have created a guide how to use them. Check it here.


Get silent mode on Lollipop

The new rumours talk about Google and the fact it might bring the Silent Mode back to the newest version of Android Lollipop. Probably we will see a 5.1 version with Silent mode. Google haven’t said anything about it but it’s seems reasonable to do that. Until the new version of Lollipop will come we can have Silent Mode using the Xposed Module created by the developer. To do that it’s required root access and Xposed installed but it’s not difficult at all. Almost anyone roots their device now. There are many tools that will root your device with only one click so would better to give it a try.

How To Get Silent Mode On Lollipop

To get the Silent Mode on your Lollipop ROM firstly you have to install Xposed Framework for Lollipop. If you haven’t installed the framework yet, you can get it here. It’s a well-explained tutorial to install Xposed Framework on Lollipop.

The next step is to download the module and install it. Download the module from here. After installing True Silent Mode module you need to activate it. Open Xposed and find the module from installer and activate it. Reboot your phone and that’s all. This module doesn’t have a user interface. If you want to disable it again, you can do only through Xposed Installer.

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There isn’t a status bar sign to indicate about Silent Mode. The only sign is that the Volume slider is in disabled state. The developer said also that he have made this Module for AOSP-Based ROMs but it might work on all Nexus devices and Google Play Edition phones. It might conflict with some Custom ROMs like CM12, ParanoidAndroid and other Lollipop ROMs. If you notice anything wrong, please report it and contribute on developing the module.

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