Galaxy S7 Hack – Here’s How To Insert Two SIM And Micro SD Card

The Galaxy S7 is the hot stuff right now and many people are talking about it and its features. One of the best features of this device is the support for expandable storage. But normally if you want to get some extra GB you have to sacrifice the dual-SIM capability.

Do we?

It turns out there’s a way how you can use dual-SIM and micro SD card on Galaxy S7. In this post you will learn how to do it, explained in simple steps but it requires some tinkering.

When it comes to SIM cards and micro SD, the way Galaxy S7 is supposed to work is pretty straightforward. The phone comes with a single SIM tray that can hold either two SIM cards or a SIM card and a micro SD card. You can see the picture below:

Galaxy S7 dual sim and micro sd

As you can see it looks like there is no way to use both two SIM cards and micro SD card on Galaxy S7. So if you want to get some extra storage and not loose the dual-SIM support on Galaxy S7, all you have to do is to follow few easy steps below:

Get a nano SIM card and cut it carefully so as to fit in the tray. Check the picture below to get a clear idea what to do. Once you cut the SIM card, you will need to glue it to the back of the SD card. Here’s how you will end up with:



This is pretty easy but it may involve some risks because you may damage the SIM card. Nothing to worry you can replace it. You may damage the SD card since you are gluing something into it and even your phone because you are inserting something you have modified by yourself.

So if you end up with a damaged phone don’t put the finger on anyone. You decided to do this by yourself and only you are responsible for that.

But do not be afraid, you’re not the only one who hacked Galaxy S7 dual-SIM and micro sd card. Just in case to understand all how this works and how you can insert two SIM cards and a micro SD card at the same time on Galaxy S7, you may want to look at this guide.

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