6 Cool Clock Apps To Use With LG G3 Clock Circle Case

Quick Circle case is probably the best case ever created for LG G3. It has a circle-shaped cutout where you can watch a part of the phone’s display. To make it look cool you can install a clock app and it will look pretty. Even though there are various apps you can use with quick circle case such as music player, games, people prefer mostly clock apps.

So we to share with you the best clock apps you can use with LG G3 quick circle case. What do these apps do? They simply show a beautiful watch face on the cutout of the case. So now your phone will look pretty with the new watch face showing on the display.

Not only it will make the phone looks complete but also will show the time so you won’t need anymore to open the case to check the time. If you’re like those people who work at the office, these clock apps will transform your phone into a nice looking table clock.

Below you will find the best quick circle case clock apps. Once you install the app it’s pretty easy to set it as the default app. Go to Settings > Quick Circle Case > Select App. Choose your favorite app there and that’s all.

Rolex Watchface

There is no doubt that you have heard about the famous Swiss watch manufactures, Rolex. It’s quite famous all over the world so wouldn’t you like to make your LG G3 watch face look like a Rolex. There are two Rolex clock apps you can download on your LG G3. Both of them look nice and except the time they show also the current day and date.

LG G3 Rolex watch face for quick circle case

Download First Rolex Watchface here.

Download the second Rolex app here.

Heuer Calibre

Here is another analog clock app that can be used with quick circle case. It has a beautiful design and also shows the date and day of the week. You can download it here.

Zenith Pilot

This is probably one of the most beautiful watch faces you can ever find. It is dominated by the white color with a piece of red one which makes this watch face look nice. Download Zenith Pilot here.

zenith pilot lg g3 watch face

Urban for Quick Circle Case

This quick circle app shows a digital clock with huge numbers, it also shows the day of the week and the temperature also. You can download the app here.


Seiko is another clock app you can install on your LG G3 and use it with quick circle case. It is a popular watch manufacture so if you like the popular brands Seiko is another option. Apart that it looks nice and simple. seiko lg g3 clock app

Download Seiko clock app from here.

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  1. Quick circle case does not work like this. I cannot choose which clock app to use. Settings goes to a list of check boxes for which things to display in the circle, like music player etc. I cannot choose the clock app but I would like to know how to do this because the clock I have is very unreliable

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