[Guide] Root Remix OS For PC & Install SuperSU

Have you installed Remix OS on your PC and now you want to experience more than just having a simple Android system running on your computer. The first step is to root Remix OS because you will get the chance to customize more in depth the system.

If you are looking for a tutorial to root Remix OS on PC than you are in the right place. I am going to show you two different ways to do it and you can choose on your own needs.  So read below:

First of all we recommend you doing some early preparations. It’s recommended to backup all your files because it never know how things will go. Even though these method are tested it never know so just to be safe make a backup before rooting RemixOS on your PC.

Remix OS SuperSU

First Method

In this method you will need Ubuntu to root Remix OS for PC. Simply download and run it on a live CD.

Download and extract RemixRoot.zip

Go and copy system.img from your hdd, pendrive or wherever you have installed Remix OS to the folder that was created by extracting the files above (RemixRoot folder it should be alongside Readme.txt)

Now open Terminal. You can easily do it by pressing CTRL + ALT + T. Once Terminal is open type the following code:

  • sudo -i

Enter the password and if you are running on a live cd password is not needed.

Change the directory to RootRemix folder. Go to tmp folder and right click somewhere, go to properties and find the location of this folder. This is the directory <dir>. Copy it and then type the following code:

  • cd <dir>

<dir> is the location of the folder mentioned above. If you have done everything right until now then the next line on Terminal should finish with RemixRoot# followed by blinking cursor.

The next step is to run rootx.sh script by typing the code:

  • sh rootx.sh

If everything goes right you won’t get any error message and in RemixRoot folder you will get a root.img file.

Now reboot your system and go to RemixOS and update SuperSU binaries. That’s all! You have succesfully rooted RemixOS.

Second Method

This method consists on installing a rooted firmware and it works for Remix OS v2.0.

  • Download system.img.7z and extract the files, unzip it.
  • Rename root.img to system.img and copy it to RemixOS Drive Copy by replacing the old one.
  • Boot into RemixOS and run SuperSU from Remix Su.
  • Update the SuperSU binary and you are done.

This method works both. To check if RemixOS is rooted, download and run Root Checker from Play Store.


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