Top Best Galaxy S5 Applications To Install In Any Android Device

Here are the best Galaxy S5 applications available to download and install in any Android device. If you have been looking to get some new apps on your old phone and you’re a Samsung fan then this is the perfect article you should read. With new releases comes also new features, new apps, optimizations and cool stuff. So Galaxy S5 got some improvements over the previous Galaxy devices. The newest devices will do the same thing and probably you may be reading another post in the future how to get the S7 apps or S8 apps.

But just for now let’s have a look what Galaxy S5 apps can we install on other devices. The list below contains what we consider the best of Samsung Galaxy S5 apps. They are ported directly from the S5 system dump so if you want to give a try, let’s go further.

  • S-Health. It is a fantastic health app that helps you to keep tracking your health statistics like the blood pressure, blood glucose levels, weight and more. It also tracks the environmental conditions. The data collected by this app can be easily managed via Samsung Account. It allows you to backup and restores collected information easily on every device. Download S-Health app from here.
    Samsung-Galaxy-S5-health app
  • S-Note. In our daily life we need to keep notes and in the digital era we don’t need anymore a pen and a piece of paper to take notes and remind ourselves what we have to do. With just a simple app we can keep track on everything, write down our notes and even set alarms to remind. S-Note is such a great app to use and it allows you to create every kind of notes. The user interface is quite simple and you will feel like you’re writing on a piece of paper. Also, it lets you to sync with Evernote so you can check them everywhere Download S-Note.



  • S5 Smart Remote. This is a remote controller and uses the phone infrared as an emitter to connect and control your TV and other electronic devices. We have seen other third-party remote controller apps. They may work find but it’s better when you use a stock app developed by a giant tech company. This app requires a little bit of setup but it is very useful. Download S5-Smart Remote.

smart-remote galaxy s5


  • S5-Gallery. The gallery app of Galaxy S5 offers a new way to view and manage photos and videos. It is redesigned and has a completely different look. Go and check it out by yourself. Click here to download S5 Gallery.

s5 gallery

  • S-Finder. This is basically a search app designed to search within the device. You can find it on the new Air command menu. Once open the app search by typing any word and it will use it as a keyword and will display the content. The app will show every file that matches your search such as apps, music, docs, videos, emails and more. Download S Finder here but it can be used only with S5 Status Bar.



  • S5 Accu Weather Widget. The Galaxy S5 weather widget has a beautiful look, which is different from previous widgets. Weather widgets are 75%, 50% and 25% transparent. So you can choose any kind of weather you like. Download the weather widget here.

s5 weather widget

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