[APK] Download S Health For Galaxy Note 4

S Health app of Galaxy S5 is ported to Galaxy Note 4 and you can install it right away. If you don’t already know S Health is a cool app that turns your phone into a personal health management powerhouse.

Firstly it was presented in Galaxy S5 but it seems the Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t have the app officially installed. This is nothing to worry in  Android since developers port every single app. They have ported so many apps and S Health is one of them. apk you are going to find here is designed to work on Galaxy Note 4. If you own another device make a simple search and you probably will find another ported apk.

S Health is great because it gives you the chance to track health statistics on your own. You can track not only simple stats such as wight or blood pleasure but you can track as well blood glucose levels and so on. With this app you also can track your own training regimen and even environmental conditions.

S Health is a useful app for home use. It is recommended to help users to manage their health stats through capturing and tracking health information, but it’s not suggested for diagnosing or treatment of any disease.

S Health uses your Samsung account to backup and restore data so you don’t have to worry if you lost the information you have tracked. You can restore the backup and check it anytime.

Galaxy-S4-S-Health-for-diet-calorie-and-fitness-purposesS Health Features

  • Pedometer

Pedometer is the most used feature of S Health. It is used to track your steps while you are walking or running and tells you the amount of calories you have burned.

  • Exercise

S Health provides you with a reference information about your exercise such as calories you have burned, the distance you have covered during your training, etc.

  • Heart Rate

Follow your every heartbeat. With S Health you can check your heart rate any time of the day and manage your health accordingly.

Food diary

S Health has a food menu which allows you to calculate the calories of food you have eaten. Now you can create your own diet for a better health.

S Health is definitely a cool app that every device must have. Unfortunately Samsung made this app available only for Galaxy S5. The next device announced after S5, the Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t have the S Health pre-installed even though it has all the sensors needed for tracking health statistics.

It has a heart-rate sensor but don’t have the proper app to use this sensor. However a developer have ported the original S Health app from Galaxy S5 to Galaxy Note 4. The app is reported as fully working so if you like you may want to give it a try.

Download S Health apk here.

Download S Health Service here. Install the apk files as normal and enjoy S Health app on Galaxy Note 4.

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