6 Hidden Gems Of Google Apps

Did you ever thought that besides the most popular apps of Google are also some hidden gems that probably are most useful than those apps you use everyday. Even though these apps are released by Google they still didn’t get a lot of popularity.

Believe it or not mostly of the apps you are going to find here have less than 100 000 downloads. Yeah it’s right they are Google apps but not popular. But this doesn’t mean that they are not useful. I have found few of them even more useful than the apps we use every time we open our devices.

That’s why I would like to call them hidden gems of Google apps because they are definitely great apps. There are plenty of them but we wanted to share only 6 of them we think are the most useful.

1- YouTube Creator Studio

This is an application designed for people who run popular YouTube channels. Well, your channel doesn’t have to be very popular to use this app. With YouTube Creator Studio you can manage everything about your channel in control panel from your phone.

YouTube Creator Studio

YouTube Creator Studio is a blessing app and it make things much easier for you to control your channel. You can easily block people from messaging you, delete comments from haters, manage your videos and so on.

Download YouTube Creator

2- Arts & Culture

This application isn’t very popular. Arts and Culture gives you the oppurtunity to take 360 tours of hundreds of museums, landmarks and heritage sites. It’s a handy application for those who like cultures but can’t afford traveling to other countries to learn more.

Arts and culture Google app

Are you planning to go to any museum? Think twice! It would be better sit around your sofa instead. From there you can learn a lot about art and cultures of the other countries. Personally I like this app a lot. It amazing, I have ever though i could learn so much from a single app.

Download Arts & Culture

3- Primer by Google

Are you keen on marketing? Do you like to learn new skills about marketing? Which one can you tell a thing or maybe two about marketing except Google. Primer is an app that delivers simple lessons to help you enter in the marketing field.

primer by google

The lessons you are going to find there are very useful if you are trying to push any kind of product or a pice of content online. All the app interface look amazing as it’s done with material design. Why wait more! Download Prime and start learning few marketing skills.

Download Primer

4- Snapseed

Snapseed is a Google editor that goes more in depth editing photos than your stock editor. Well, there is Google photos app that has some nice options to edit your pictures but Snapseed is another one with more options.

snapseed by google

Now you can move the giant disgusting moles off your abnormally large head and not have it look like a hack job. Give it a try. It never knows you may like it and decide to change Google photos with Snapseed.

5- Device Assist

This is definitely a cool application if you are bored explaining to your mother, grandmother or your older family member how Android works. If they have some questions how to use their new device than you should install Device Assist.

device assist by google

You can have it generate tips based on a difficulty level so you can do your own things instead of giving lessons how to use an Android device. Well, they can choose to use live support which is as well a handy option to learn more about Android phone. Definitely a cool app.

Download Device Assist

6- Google Goggles

Have you ever seen a picture that you really like? You want to know more about it but you don’t know where to start searching. Good news! Google Goggles is an app designed to make you happy. All the concept of this app is to search by pictures.

Google Goggles

Start searching but pointing your camera at a famous picture, landmark, QR code or any other picture and let Google search for it. If there is any information related with that image Google will show it right away and provide you with useful information.

Download Google Goggles

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