How To Unlock Xiaomi Mi4c Bootloader Without Unlocking Code

Xiaomi devices are becoming very popular. The number of sales is increased due to the fact they have great specs for an affordable price. Why buying a Samsung, HTC, Sony etc when you can buy a Xiaomi device with the same specs but with the half of the price.

Xiaomi Mi4c is a new device released recently by the giant Chinese tech company. The device was a success and many people have bought it. Being powered by Android it means there is a lot of space for customization.

The first step you should take to enter in the amazing world of Android is to unlock bootloader. Unfortunately in Xiaomi Mi4c the bootloader is locked. According to the company they will release the unlocking codes soon.

But developers don’t like to wait. They always find a way for everything. Even this time after looking in different forums and numerous threads a developer at the XDA managed to find a way to unlock Xiami Mi4c bootloader without unlocking code. The procedure is explained step by step so you can easily do it, just be careful.

xiaomi-mi4 bootloader unlock

Requirements and Downloads

Download and install ADB drivers on your computer. I am not sure if you will need the universal ADB drivers or a specific one for Xiaomi Mi4c. So give it a try with universal ADB drivers and if it’s not working look for specific drivers.

Download :

How to

Download Mi4c image pack and flash any of the images using the “Updater” app.

Once you have flashed a new image reboot into fastboot mode. Press and hold Volume Down + Power Button until you see the MIUI rabbit and “fastboot”

Connect your phone to PC using a USB cable and open a command prompt window. Type the following code: fastboot oem edl. 

It will bring your device in a situation like an emergency recovery state. The Mi4c will show only black screen. Do not worry jusy continue on the next step.

Use MiFlash to flash 6.1.7 image. Find the image in the package you downloaded from the link above.

Wait for the image to be flashed and then reboot until the image 6.1.7 is loaded completely. This may take a while so just sit and wait.

Reboot again into fastboot mode by pressing Volume Down + Power button. Open command prompt and type the following code: fastboot oem unlock. 

The bootloader should be unlocked now. If you wanna get the best of your phone install TWRP from the link above and then flash CyanogenMod ROM which is the best ROM you can ever find with plethora of features.

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