XNSPY Android Spy: Why Android Phones Need A Spy App?

Android OS is awesome—it works on all devices, is open to customization and gives you a lot more control and features on your smartphones and tablets. Well that may sound like a personal anecdote but the reality is: Android OS does provide more customization. But another reality about this OS is that it’s more likely to get infected by ‘outsiders’. On the contrary, iOS may seem like crude and simple (which is great for users who want minimalist interface) but it is protected with many layers of security that makes it difficult for hackers to breach (unless your iOS device is Jailbroken).

Due to the apparent vulnerability of Android devices, we need to make sure that our privacy is not attacked.  Here are few things that everyone can do:

  • Don’t install apps from other than the Play store. Many people go for APK versions of paid apps to use them for free. Android notifies you of the risks involved in doing so. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before allowing unauthorized apps on your smartphone.
  • Don’t install apps that are not famous. For example, recently, a dating app secretly took photos off their users’ smartphones to blackmail them for money.
  • Deeply scrutinize privacy policies of every social media app to restrict access of strangers to your profile.
  • Ask your kids to never save ‘inappropriate’ photos on their phones that they would never want anyone to see. If you are not sure that your kid can be trusted with ‘safe use’ of a smartphone, you can install an android spy app on their devices.

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Why Do We Need Android Spy Apps?

Android spy apps are a great way to secure your employees’ and kids’ devices from data breach. XNSPY is a very handy app for this purpose. It can be installed into any Android device working on Gingerbread 2.3 or higher.

These apps can ensure that data stored on kids’ and employees’ devices is safe. In case a device is lost or stolen, XNSPY can remotely wipe stored data on the device. Parents can also use it to access their kids’ gallery, to make sure there are no ‘inappropriate’ photos, videos or audio.

Spying apps can also be used for complete smartphone monitoring. XNSPY can be used to monitor calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries and even phonebook from the monitored users’ devices.  That’s not all; it can also track instant messenger activity (call logs, chats and multimedia) from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Kik, Viber and Skype.

Smartphone monitoring apps are also very effective with curbing the smartphone addiction of the kids. XNSPY can lock the monitored devices anywhere, anytime, using the XNSPY Dashboard app, that can let parents and employers do monitoring from their smartphone on-the-go.

Spying can be very costly and therefore, it’s necessary to wisely spend your money wisely on the right app. XNSPY is a good choice with low price (starting from $8.33/month) and great features.

For more details about this android spy product, visit XNSPY website.

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