Android Lollipop Apps For KitKat ROMs – Download & Install

Download and install all Android 5.0 apps on any KitKat ROM. Lollipop is the next generation of Android. It comes full of optimization and features. The apps also had been updated to the new look called as material design.

If you like the new design of Lollipop and you want to have a little bit Lollipop stuff on your Android device go ahead and install these apps. There almost all the apps and they are updated to Lollipop, so  you can enjoy them on your device.

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The apps are being extracted from system dump of an Android device running Lollipop and are ready to be installed on your device.

lollipop apps

This is a zip file which contains almost all the apps. It includes:

  • Calendar 5.0
  • Google Messenger
  • Gmail 5.0
  • Inbox 1.1
  • Lollipop Notes
  • Lollipop Google earth
  • And many other apps


  • An Android device running an Android KitKat ROM. It doesn’t matter is it is Stock or Custom ROM.
  • Your device must be rooted and you should install a Custom Recovery on it.

So if you meet the above conditions let’s go ahead and install Android 5.0 Lollipop Apps on a KitKat ROM.


  • Download Android 5.0 Lollipop apps here.

How to install Android 5.0 Lollipop apps to a KitKat ROM

  • Turn off your device.
  • Boot into Recovery.
  • Flash the zip file you downloaded from above.
  • Reboot!

Note: Do not flash along with ROM and gapps ,It will boot but Google Apps won’t sign in.

Remember, this is not a gapps package, it’s an Addon.

In Stock ROMs they will force closed. To prevent this set Build Type To Userdebug from User.

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Google Play Music will  force close when you try to open an album art on now playing an in general. So when you play music, use the overflow button and shuffle instead.

Sometimes Google Plus forecloses, so try to update on Play Store.

Every Google app will aks you to sign in. If the package was made as a update it wouldn’t be necessary, but sometimes it’s not a update for some reason.

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