How To Add Different Application To Ultra Power Saving Mode On Galaxy Devices

Here it comes an easy guide to help you to add different apps to Ultra Power Saving Mode (UPSM) on Galaxy S5. UPSM is a feature that allows you to save battery life on your Samsung Galaxy devices. It’s a good choice when you want your battery to last more.UPSM is good to save the battery and increase its life but it also has a bad thing because it allows you to use only few apps like calling, sending SMS and few basic actions. 

Sometimes this can be annoying, even though you may want the battery to last few more hours, you might want also to use any other app which is not included in Ultra Power Saving Mode feature. To help all this user who need to add any other app we founded a easy guide to do it.

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First of all your device must be rooted so if you haven’t rooted your device yet check the guides here. In this guide we will add a few applications so you can test it out before customizing your own application list. Apps added in our mood are:

  • Gallery
  • Camera
  • Chrome
  • Hangout
  • Torch

galaxy-s5-ultra-power-saving-mode add more apps

How To Add More Apps To Ultra Power Saving Mode

The XDA Recognized Developer managed to create an app which is very userful. With that app you can easily add any application you want to Ultra Power Saving Mode feature.

The Developer says that the app is in its early steps and he is working to make the app even better. This tool only saves the list with the apps but this doesn’t mean that all the apps should work. Since it is in early developement, limitations are expected. We will stay in contact with the Developer for the next update, and once it is released we will post it soon.

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For now you simply have to download the app and install it as simple apk. Once it is installed, run it and select the app you want and save the list. Make sure you grant superuser root access and it will save the list to the corresponding csc file

Download the app here.

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