Download Google’s Pixel Launcher APK (Wallpapers Included)

Google’s new smartphones, Pixel and Pixel XL are officially announced. These two new devices come with an exclusive of Android 7.1 Nougat. This new operating system that comes exclusively only for Pixel devices aims to get the maximum performance from the device and also it brings some new features not seen in any previous device.

One of the best features of Pixel devices is Pixel Launcher. In this article you will learn how to download and install Google’s Pixel Launcher on other Android devices. You can find it on Play Store but there is one big problem. This launcher is available only for Pixel devices. You can’t get it from Play Store on other Android devices.

Anyway the good news is that the Pixel Launcher apk is released and you can grab it anytime and install on your device. So if you want to download Google’s Pixel Launcher you must get the apk file. This is the only way to install it now.

You may want also to download Google’s Pixel camera apk.

Before installing an apk file you must be aware what does it mean, the risks and benefits of apk files. You should have some knowledge and take particular care when installing an apk file. The developers who provided the apk files verified that it is harmless and doesn’t bring any risk to users.


Google’s Pixel Launcher apk contains only the launcher and its needed resources. Several people have tested the apk and it works perfect. However keep in mind that we shall not held any kind of responsibility because we don’t provide the Pixel Launcher apk file.

Download and install Google’s Pixel Launcher

To be able to install Pixel Launcher apk on your device you must enable “Unknown Sources” under Settings. If you do not enable this option you won’t be able to install any apk file on your device.

After you enable unknown sources you can go ahead and download Pixel Launcher apk. To make it work you need to download two apk files. The first one is for the launcher and other settings such as widgets, Google now and other needed resources. The second apk contains the wallpaper system. It will download plethora of high resolutions images periodically.


You can either choose to download a single zip file that contains all the necessary files. Download it from here.

Download the apk and install the files. Once installed you will be able to see the Pixel Launcher on your phone. To check the other features, just click on the home screen and go to Settings > Widgets, Wallpapers. Some features won’t be available to this launcher such as some specific widgets, like the shortcuts that appear when you click on any icon on the home screen launcher. They are exclusive only for Pixel devices.


Meanwhile the wallpapers are arranged by category. Within each category you have the option of daily wallpaper. It changes the wallpaper every 24 hours. This option does use internet connection. Without internet you won’t be able to see the new categories.

This is all for Google Pixel Launcher and wallpapers. If you want to share your thoughts feel free to leave us a comment below. We are always happy to read people opinions about what’s happening around with the latest release on Android devices.

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