How To Fix Nexus 7 SIM Not Recognized & No Signal Issues

Nexus 7 users are running into trouble. Google devices have been and always will be a strong competitor in the war of smartphones. They are such good phones with much improvements both in hardware and software. Google Nexus devices have been always a step before other Android phones since they are the first devices that receive the latest Android update.

Nexus devices are so popular nowadays, not only because they have good specs but also with a Nexus device you can experience the real power of Android. Like other devices even the Google Nexus devices have their own problems. Numerous people who posses a LTE variant of Nexus 7 (2013) have run into problems with SIM car, which seems to stop working. Sometimes it accompanied by ” No Sim Card” message. Usually they get a “Sim Card Added” and promt to restart.

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The network seems to go missing and there’s no service, but no message about the Sim Card will appear. Also remember that Sim Cards from USA Carriers will not necessarily work to European Nexus 7 devices and Vice versa because they may use different channels. In this article we are going to provide some useful solution how to fix this problem. So go ahead and learn how to fix Sim Card problem and lost of Signal on your Nexus 7 tablet.


These solution may not be not be permanent but for the moment they solve the problem and your Nexus 7 will work again with a Sim Card.

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  • Pull down the notification shade and then find Aeroplane Mode. Turn it on, wait for few seconds and turn it off again.
  • Reboot the Nexus 7 device. Hold down the Power button, ignore the promts and wait for the phone to restarts.
  • Try turning the Nexus 7 off and then remove the Sim card and make sure that the Sim and the card tray are clean. Reinsert the Sim card and turn on the device again.
  • Check Access Point Name (APN) under Settings > Wireless & Network > More Mobile Networks > Access Point Names and make sure the right APN is configured with your service provider.
  • Test your Nexus 7 device with another Sim Card to be sure that isn’t Sim fault.

If none of solutions above doesn’t help you, than it’s time to send back your Nexus device where you bought it or to a professional service.

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