How To Install Multiple ROMs (Multiboot ) To Galaxy S4

Learn how to install multiple ROMs to Samsung Galaxy S4. Multiboot or the ability to install multiple operating system on a single smartphone device is a good things. It allows you to install and try new operating system without losing your data on the installed ROM. Also you can install different OS for different purposes. MultiROM allows users to keep one stock ROM and try other OS without losing any data in the primary ROM.

Until Now Multiboot was available for a lot Android Smartphones but not for Galaxy S4. MultiROM allows you to install different Android ROMs and other operating system as well, like Ubuntu Touch if the particular operating system is ported to that device. MultiROM allows you to boot not only from device internal storage but also even from a USB device connected to device through a OTB cable. 

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MultiROM main part is boot manager, it will appear every time your phone starts and lets you to choose if you want to boot any ROM. ROMs are installed and managed via TWRP recovery. To install secondary Android ROMs you can use zip files and MultiROM has its own installer system, it can be used to ship other Linux-based systems.

multirom galaxy s4

Note: I am not responsible for any damage you made to your phone. Even though this method is tested, things can happen. So you had better do a backup before trying to install multiple ROMs.


If you want to have a better idea about MultiROM and how to use it there are a lot of useful videos on YouTube. So do a little research about MultiROM Installation before starting to install it.

Note: Your device must not be encrypted. If you don’t know what is that, then your phone is not encrypted.

MultiROM has three-part you need to install on your device.

  • MultiROM, Download it here and flash the zip file in recovery
  • Modified Recovery, Download the file here and flash it in recovery or with ODIN to flash the recovery.img
  • Patched Kernel, Download the file here and flash it in recovery
  • You can use stock kernel CM11, Download from here

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How To Install ROMs

  • Android

Boot your phone into recovery and select Advanced > MultiROM > Add ROM. Select the ROM zip file you want to install and confirm.

  • Firefox OS and Sailfish OS

From MultiROM point of view this two operating system are the same as other Android ROMS, so install them the same as Android.

  • Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu Touch is not supported by MultiROM yet. It has to be updated to support it and keep up with future changes in Ubuntu.

Also you can learn How To Install Multiple ROMs To Galaxy S4 using USB drive.

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