Install Ultra Power Saving Mode Launcher And Save Your Phone Battery (Download Link)

Ultra Power Saving Mode now is available and can be downloaded and installed in every Android device. It is a feature that allows you to save as much power as it is possible so your battery will last longer. With Ultra Power Saving Mode activated your phone battery will last not anymore a couple of hour, but it will last more than two days.

Ultra Power Saving Mode is a feature first presented in Galaxy devices and then we saw a few HTC and Sony Devices having a such feature but with a similar name for example Extreme Power Saving Mode. It makes your phone runs for a whole day with only 10% battery left.

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In this article we are going to talk about a launcherrecently released for Android devices called as Ultra Power Saving Mode Launcher. This will not make your phone last for the entire day with only 10% battery but it will save as much power as it can and will improve battery life.

ultra power saving mode launcher


The launcher has also a awesome user interface. It will not increase your phone lifetime but also will make it look better than the stock launcher you may use. The interface is similar to Samsung’s Ultra Power Saving Mode menu. In bottom of the home screen you will see the battery percentage and the times as well.

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The launcher also doesn’t need much RAM, just less than 10 MB so your phone will run fast without any lag. It also allows you to change between different themes like Dark, Light, Full Screen and the Galaxy S5 theme. You can download Ultra Power Saving Mode Launcher here.

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