Ultimate Tricks To Increase Battery Lifetime On Android

When it comes to Android devices, battery is the biggest problem. It’s to hard to find any device with a battery that will last more than a couple of hours or just a whole day. You may have installed many mods to help your battery last longer, but they haven’t been succesful at all. It’s almost impossible to increase battery lifetime. The only thing you can do is to prevent it from draining fast.

In this article we are going to show you the ultimate tricks to prevent your battery from draining. This will make the battery last for a few hours more, but sometimes those few hours are what we really need. Since in the beginning of the smartphone the battery has faced many apps, some of them can drain the battery fast and some others not. So without further ado let’s learn how to save power in Android devices.

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The first thing you have to do is to check which apps are draining your battery. To check that in all Android versions go to Settings > Power > Battery Usage. You will se a list of all the apps and how much battery  they have used. If you check any suspicious app that uses too much battery, try uninstalling it and if it is one of the apps you use the most install it again. To uninstall app go to Settings > Apps > tap on any app and the hit uninstall.

The second step is to remove unnecessary widgets from the home screen. Many Android apps has their own widgets that sit handly on the home screen for real-time updates. Widgets are battery drainers because they need battery to be updated in real time. Removing widgets will increase a little more the battery lifetime. To remove any widget press and hold it and then drag it to trash can icon.



The next step is to minimize app syncing. This is a good alternative if you want to keep app notifications on but decrease how often they sync and check for updates. To do this go to Settings > Accounts & Sync and do it manually for each app, or toggle off auto-sync in the same menu. Or if you want to save more power you can turn off  notifications. To do that go to Settings > Apps. Uncheck “Show Notifications” for less necessary apps.

Kill unused connections. Keeping Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and Mobile Data turned on means that your phone will always be scanning for these connections, so it needs power to do this. Turning off this connection will save a little more power of the battery.

Shut down location tracking. Most apps track your location and therefore they use more battery that it’s necessary by accessing GPS. Go to Settings > Location to see which apps are tracking your location, then tap on each of them to turn off.

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Use the Power Control Widget. Keep an eye on and tweak display brightness, Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular connection and auto-sync from the Power Control widget. This widget comes preloaded on most Android devices, but if you can’t find it on your device head to the Play Store and download it.

Use Dark Background. For Android phones with an Amoled screens, hyper-bright displays use lot of power. So using a dark wallpaper will save a piece from the battery juice.

Hope this article help you to save a little power of the battery and make it last a few couple of hours more.

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