How To Fix Galaxy S6 Keyboard Lag Issue

Galaxy S6 remains a good device in the Android world but having good specs like 3 GB RAM, a huge and fast processor doesn’t mean that it won’t face issues. The common problem with Android devices is battery life but we haven’t seen anyone until now to complain about battery issues on Galaxy S6. But this device can’t be so perfect without ant issue. It might be good but not perfect.

Galaxy S6 owners are complaining about a strange issue, keyboard lag. Yeah, it’s true! Galaxy S6 suffers from keyboard lag but it can be easily fixed. It sounds a bit strange how can a device like this suffer from software issues, but unfortunately it does. However it doesn’t happen always and when it happens you can easily fix it.

Thanks to Samsung’s SPCM service the applications won’t run for a long time in the background. If you don’t use them for a period of time they will be closed automatically. This can be good because you don’t have to close all the apps one by one. The SPCM service affect also the keyboard experience. If you are addicted to your device and type a lot you will notice a lag between the time you touch the screen and the time that the letter is showed in the screen.

Galaxy S6 keyboard Lag

Samsung Galaxy S6 received Android 5.1.1 Lollipop official update but it haven’t fixed the keyboard lag. It may have fixed plenty of other bugs but not the keyboard lag. It’s not a big problem but if you are addicted to your device and want to experiment with it then you can follow the steps below to fix keyboard lag on Galaxy S6. The only requirement is to have root access.

Fix Keyboard Lag On Galaxy S6 – Step by Step Tutorial

  • Root your Galaxy S6. If you haven’t done yet follow this tutorial.
  • You will need a file explorer with root access. A good one is ES File Explore. You can download it from Play Store.
  • Open File Explorer and go to the root system of your phone.
  • There look for a file named build.prop and long press it and open the file using a text editor.
  • Find the following line on the code: sys.config.spcm_enable=true
  • Replace the value from true to false. It should look like this: sys.config.spcm_enable=false

By doing this changes you will deactivate the SPCM service. So you will now only fix the keyboard lag on Galaxy S6 but the device won’t close anymore the apps running in background. If you have any other question feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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