How To Unbrick Xiaomi AmazFit PACE & Huami AmazFit Smartwatch

In this article, you are going to find a way, probably the only one to unbrick Xiaomi AmazFit Pace and Huami AmazFit Smartwatch. We have to thank an XDA member who calls himself  “Neuer_User“. He found this way to install a software on AmazFit watches.

What does the term “bricked” watch mean?

Basically, a bricked watch does no longer boot. It simply stops at the boot logo and waits for ages. There are various reasons that can brick a watch. For example; if a flash of the system image has failed and the boot image can’t boot the system.

In this case, adb is not reached from the command line, so there seems to be now way to recover the watch.

Is there any way to unbrick Huami AmazFit Smartwatch and Xiaomi AmazFit PACE?

Of course, fortunately fastboot can be entered without a running system. In this post, you will learn how to unbrick a Xiaomi Amazfit Pace and also Huami Amazfit Smartwatch


The first and the most difficult step is to boot the watch into fastboot mode. Thanks to kiralex1995you can boot the watch to fastboot mode but it may take many tries. Follow this guide to learn how to do it.

Once you see the fastboot logo, breath deeply and go the second step. The most difficult part is already gone.

Step 2: Flash a ROM on the watch.

Currently, there are three ROMs available you can choose from.

Step 3: Download flash script

Extract the files in the ROM archive and then flash the script. Depending on your computer choose the right method.

Xiaomi AmazFit Pace

Step 4: Boot the watch into special recovery.

Make sure the fastboot drivers recognize the watch. Use the following command line to check it:

  • fastboot devices

Your device should be listed on that list that will appear otherwise you should check fastboot drivers on your PC. Make sure they are installed correctly and then try again. If you are using Linux, sometimes you need to use “sudo fastboot”.
Boot the modded recovery you download in the link above. Type the following line of code:

  • fastboot boot Amazfit-mod-recovery.img'

Don’t worry if you see “Failed” in the command line. It’s normal. Check the watch because you should see the recovery triangle and the text “no command”

Step 5: Transfer the ROM files and the flash script to the watch.

But first, check if you are able to connect to your watch via ADB. Use the following line of code:

  • adb devices

You should see a list of devices and the watch must be listed there. Otherwise, you should reinstall adb drivers on your computer. Once the ADB drivers are installed correctly, use the command lines below to push the files to the watch.

  • adb push boot.img /data/media/0/
  • adb push system.img.gz /data/media/0/
  • adb push md5s.txt /data/media/0/
  • adb push /data/media/0/

After you have successfully transferred all the files to watch, you should enter the shell:

  • adb shell

You must see only a “#”. It means you have full root access. Now you should switch the directory to the SDcard.

  • cd /data/media/0/

All the files included the ones that were pushed before should be in the SDcard.

Step 6: Start flashing the files.

Run the flash script using the following command:

  • sh

If everything goes well, you should see something like below:

Validating images
boot.img.gz: OK
system.img.gz: OK
Starting to flash now. DO NOT TURN OFF OR REMOVE THE USB CABLE! Press Enter to continue or CTRL-C to stop!

Flashing boot.img
2304+0 records in
2304+0 records out
9437184 bytes (9.0MB) copied, 2.075793 seconds, 4.3MB/s
Flashing system.img
210944+0 records in

If you get any error message during or after flashing, DON’T REBOOT the watch but try to analyze what went wrong. Anyhow you still can reflash.

Optional: Delete the Dalvik-Cache. You can do it by typing the following command:

  • rm -rf /data/dalvik-cache

It will make the system re-optimize all the apps when it boots the next time. This is not crucial but it’s recommended to do.

Step 7: Reboot the watch. Use the following code:
  • reboot

The watch should normally boot the system you flashed. Enjoy it.


  1. Hi.. cant download the CHINESE verse. Says “Enter decryption key

    “The provided key is invalid. Please check that the key is correct or ask the creator of the link agian”

  2. Hi,
    Link to US version of ROM doens’t work.
    Where can i download it??

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