10 Best LG G3 Cases & Covers For The Price

Are you looking for a case for your LG G3? Have you bought one recently but you don’t like it at all. Take a look at our suggestions and if you like one of them don’t hesitate to buy. We have provided Amazon links so you can easily find them. Even if you are not planning to buy a new case still take a look. It never knows, probably you will like one of them.

LG G3 is a great phone and it’s a pity to let it without a case. If you are always moving than you should buy a good case that will protect the phone from accidental drops or scratches. Below we have listed 10 best premium cases and covers for LG G3. All of them have an affordable price and really worth buying.

Shame on you if you own a LG G3 and don’t use a case!

1- Official Quick Circle Case For LG G3 ($19.99)

This is the official Quick Circle Case for your LG G3. This kind of cases are “smart” but this one is “smarter” than all the other because it allows you to perform many tasks without having to open the case. That circle cutout there lets you to do perform actions, for example take a picture simply by tapping in the quick circle window. The case is made of Polycarbonate, Polyurethane materials and it covers completely your phone, on the back and on front of it.

Use a music player and play your favourite songs without having to open the cover. Insert a nice clock widget and you can check the time every moment. Someone is calling you! All the information will appear in the quick circle and you can accept or reject it from there without having to open the case. This quick circle case is also compatible with wireless charging so you don’t have to remove it if you wanna charge your phone.

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Buy at Amazon starting from $19.99.


2- Spigen [Slim Armor] Air Cushion Dual Layer Protective ($17.99)

The Spiegen case or Slim Armor for LG G3 is highly build quality. It is designed to protect your LG G3 at all angles. It is made by a Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that improve shock absorption on every piece of the case especially on the bottom, top and angles.

The Slim Armor is a double layered case with a Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) case and another polycarbonate hard case to provide better protection for your LG G3 in a form-fitted design. The case has also a nice look as you can see from the pictures, so your LG G3 will be protected and safe in the same time. The camera cutout and the speaker opening are specifically designed to fully utilize then without reducing the quality.

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Design / Style / Type: Basic, Hard Shell
Height: 7.5 in
Width: 4.2 in
Thickness: 1 in
Weight: 4.8 oz
Material: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
Rugged Features: Shock-absorbent
Special Features: Cutouts for buttons (Precise cutouts), Cutouts for ports (Precise cutouts)
Available Colors: Black, Blue, Blue-green, Gold (Metallic), Gray (Dark), Green (Mint), White [Frosty / Translucent]
Texture / Finish: Metal (Brushed)
Print / Pattern / Theme: Metal (Brushed)

Official site: http://www.spigen.com/products/lg-g3-case-slim-armor?variant=1166702921

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Buy at Amazon for $17.99


3- Hyperion Titan 2-piece Premium Hybrid Protective Case For LG G3 ($9.99)

As the name says the Hyperion Titan case for LG G3 features a two piece premium hybrid design . It has an inner silicone core and an anti-slip hard shell that provide high protection for your LG G3. With this case your device si fully protected from scratches and drops because all the corners inside the case have cushion-like material for excellent protection.

The back of the cover features a nice honeycomb design that helps to prevent the phone from slipping through your hands. It features a good looking cutout in the back cover for camera, the buttons and the flash light. The other ports and buttons are easily accessible.

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buy-amazon-button 3Buy at Amazon for $9.99 


4- Versus Slim Fit LG G3 Dual Layer Hard Case ($9.99)

Versus Extra Slim case for LG G3 is another dual layered with polycarbonate and Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that provide protections for your device. If you want luxury and protection in the same time this case is the best you can find. One hard shell is for protecting your phone from accidentals drops and another one, the cover is finished with luxurious matte coating. Around the camera and in the edges is noticed a glossy coating.

The outer shell is separable so you can mix and match various colors to express uniques style any time. This case will not only protect your device but it will look luxury and pretty nice. So be smart and make your phone smarter to with Versus Extra Slim Fit Dual Layer case.

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buy-now-amazon 4Buy now at amazon starting from $9.99 


5- LG G3 Verus Wallet Case With Kickstand Feature ($10.99)

This wallet case with Kickstand feature from Verus is made of 100% premium soft PU leather. It is the best case if you wanna full protection for your phone. This case will protect it from scratches, drops and so on. It also features a card pockets made with Saffiano PU leather. YOu can easily put your cards on there such as IDs, Credit Cards, Driving Licence and so on.

It’s a durable case that offers folding line that allows you to watch videos or texts in Kickstand Mode. The case is also secured with a magnetic that will keep the cover closed and features Chamude texture inside to prevent scratches.

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amazonorderbutton 5Buy this case at Amazon starting from $10.99

6- Incipio Feather Case For LG G3 ($24 )

This is another case for LG G3, one of my favourites. It is rigid, super-slim shell that snaps onto your LG G3 to provide basic protection. This case is designed for both protection and good-looking but I can’t say it has a strong point. Incipio Feather Case has a nice , soft-touch finish that makes it comfortable to hold on hands and enhances grip a little.

The camera cutout and the others are accurate and lets the device to use the full functions. It is not a rugged case but it provides good protection for your phone. The sides, angles, top and bottom are covered but there is a slight lip on the front. This case is available in four different colors, black, grey, pink and cyan.

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Buy it from Amazon starting from $24

7- Pure Gear DualTek Extreme Shock Case ($12.95)

Get this case and stop worrying about knock, bumps and falls on everyday life. This case can handle all of them and your phone will be fully protected. Pure Gear offers dual layer protection with specially reinforced corners that can handle anything.

Worrying about an accidental drops! No more with Pure Gear DualTek Extreme Shock case for your LG G3. It has e bevel at the front than prevent the screen from being damaged if the LG G2 land face down, or if it drops. The cut-outs are accurate so you won’t have any problem using the phone with the case.

DualTek Extreme Shock Case for LG G3

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Buy from Amazon starting from $12.95

8- Case-Mate Tough Case ($20.40)

This case is made of two pieces, it has a form-fitting silicone skin that loves your LG G3 and the hard shell with a different color. The cut-outs for camera and the ports are very accurate but the back button is covered that make it a bit difficult to use.

The case features also a good protection for your phone so it should support accidental drops with no effects on your device. There is purple color like the but if you don’t like it you can buy all in black.

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Buy now starting from (20.40)

9- Trident Aegis Case (8.93)

Trident is a well-known name if you want a full protection for your device. This case, the Aegis it’s tough and strikes a nice balance but it is not too bulky. It comes with a screen protector for solid protection.

Trident case is tested under military drop standarts so definitely you can count on the silicone inner wrapped in a polycarbonate shell to protect your LG G3. The case has also protection for buttons, ports and dust filters.

Trident aegis case for LG G3

buy-now-amazon 4Buy on Amazon starting from $8.93

10- Ringke Slim Case ($8.74)

Ringke Slim Case comes in varuious colors including a transparent version. It offers full protection to your LG G3 from top-to-bottom with a smooth desing. It is made by a dual layer coating which makes it more durable.

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Buy it from Amazon starting from $8.74   

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