10 Common Samsung Galaxy S7 Problems And How To Fix Them

Samsung smartphones are among the best selling models available in the mobile phone market today. With elegant features and refined user experiences, these models are better than ever.

However, there are certain issues that many users have reported of these two models. In this article, we shall take a look at them and see how these can be fixed.

Galaxy S7 Edge


  1. Power and Volume buttons not functioning

This is a widely reported problem affecting many S7 users. If you were to face this same problem, here is what you can do.

Try to reset your phone to solve the problem. Even if the power and volume buttons seem non-functional, try to hold them down simultaneously. This will reset your Samsung Galaxy S7. When your phone restarts, you should find both of those buttons working properly again.

  1. Problems with Wi-Fi

Does Gmail not sync properly over a Wi-Fi connection on your Samsung S7 mobile?

Try to disable the Bluetooth and see what happens. You might also like to disable all applications that use location services on your phone. Many users have reported that the problem with Wi-Fi gets sorted once these are done.

  1. Extra sensitive screen

If you find that the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone is too sensitive try to hold your phone differently. For example, while taking a picture, the shutter button might seem to be not working properly. In such cases, buying a robust back cover might solve the problem.

  1. Overheating

Many users have complained about their phones heating up too much or too quickly. The Fast Charging option of this model might heat up the device too quickly, in which case you can turn it off.

If your phone gets overheated without being used, then it might be due to some application running in the background. Turn on the Battery Optimiser feature to prevent draining of energy when not in use.

  1. Camera failure

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a swanky new camera. However, many users have reported that often the camera stops working with an unexpected error message. To solve this, you can either go for a hard reset of your phone.

If this doesn’t work then go to the Application Manager and force stop the camera app. Clear all data from the cache memory.

  1. Set internal ‘adoptable’ storage

You can now use the SD card to treat it like your phone’s own internal memory. For this, you need to download ADB onto your computer. But before you try out this option, make sure that all the data on your SD card is copied somewhere else.

  1. Distorted sound from wet speakers

Samsung Galaxy S7 sets are waterproof with an IP68 rating. Although these models are supposed to be waterproof, many users have reported that distorted sound is emitted from speakers once the phone gets wet.

For this what you simply need to do is lay your phone out in the sun to dry. Wait for a while before you use it again.

  1. Display always ON

The Always On display might be a cool feature, but many users find it pretty distracting. You can just go to Settings > Display > Toggle “Always ON Display” to OFF.

  1. Bluetooth issues

If you find Bluetooth not functioning properly, then try to force stop the app from the Application manager menu and then restart it. That should solve the problem.

10. Performance

Users have found the TouchWiz feature slowing down their S7 phone. In such cases, you can try to turn off certain features like S Voice to speed up your phone. You can also root your phone as a last resort to better its performance.

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