Enable Galaxy S6 Pop-Up View. A Feature That You Don’t Want To Miss.

In the previous article we talked about How To Enable and Use Multi Window Mode on Galaxy S6. You may have read that if you are a regular reader to our site or a subscriber who receives the latest tips by email. But if you are here randomly and missed that post then you should search it by name because if you are a Galaxy S6 user you should not miss Multi Window because it’s an awesome feature and in Galaxy S6 it’s improved to give the best experience.

If you like to perform multitasking on your Android device then there is something else related to Multi Window. Samsung has included an awesome feature firstly presented on Note 4. It is called Pop-Up view and works with every app that support Multi Window.

Once Pop-Up view is activated you will get a resizeable floating app window. It can easily moved around the screen. You can even open more than one Pop-Up Window and minimize them to floating icons.

Here is how to go through Pop-Up view on Galaxy S6. I will talk for both three ways so you can choose on your own. The first one is to long-press and app in Multitasking UI and then drag down from the top right corner when ann app is open. You also can use the pop-up button when an app is in Multi Window Mode.

The floating windows you have open can be arranged however you want. Drag the content between them or maximize to the full screen at anytime.

You can arrange these floating windows however you want, ddrag content between them, and maximize them to full screen at any time. So did you tried it. Tell me what do you think about it. Feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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