7 Tips To Make Better Photos With Your Android Device

Creating quality photographs with a smartphone can be a challenge, due to several limitations. Without the proper equipment or experience, producing great looking photographs can be an uphill battle.

This article will help shed some insight into the world of Android photography.

People who use android phones can produce quality photographs on par with any professional out in the field.

Smartphones Are Getting Better

Smartphones have come a long way.

To think that we once carried around simple flip phones or cell phones with primitive black and white displays is baffling.We now carry complex computers right in our pockets that have the ability to find any kind of information we could desire.

We now carry complex computers right in our pockets that have the ability to find any kind of information we could desire.

Getting the Job Done

Taking pictures on a smartphone or any android capable device can be extremely easy. With the newer smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, all it takes is a simple tap on the screen. However, in order to take quality pictures, it takes a little more finesse.

Knowing the features of your phone is extremely important and a key part of taking excellent photographs. Professional photographers know their equipment inside and out and these key differences and details can help to create stunning and evocative pictures that people remember.


#1 – Get the Focus just right

Two of the most important features in android technology that can help with taking better pictures are zoom and focus. Often tapping on the screen where you want the camera to focus is a great way to start off taking a picture.

This lets your phone know where to focus the lens so that the picture does not come out blurry. An alternative way of doing this is to hold down the take picture button and the camera will automatically focus. Often, on newer phones, the camera will focus without any input from the user and will find the object that is closest to the camera.

It will then use its smart technology and focus on that object. This is the same case for face recognition software, where the computer will detect faces in the frame and focus on them.

#2 – Composition is Very Important

This is why proper positioning is so important in photo taking.

Positioning the subjects in an interesting and eye-catching manner and being aware of how the camera will react to the positioning of the objects will greatly help the production of a great photo.

Use the “Rule of Third” to create more compelling images. Straying far away from conventional, bland and boring positioning will also help make your pictures more eye-catching and pleasing to people who look at them.


#3 – Use your feet

One of the best tools you have when it comes to photography are your feet! Change your point of view, move around, further, closer, don’t hesitate to try and climb up a different vantage point, or shoot from the floor.

You will be surprised how different the same scene can look when you shoot it from a different point of view!

#4 – Motion is Undesirable

Another problem that many android users run into when taking pictures is motion caused by their own hands. Positioning the subjects is hard enough, but for the person holding the camera, holding still can also be a determining factor in a picture’s quality.

#5 – Handheld Stabilizers Can Help!

This is why so many people turn to stabilizers.

Stabilizers are rigs designed to reduce motion in photography. Stabilizers, also called gimbals, designed specifically for smartphones/android devices can be found very easily and can be a great asset when trying to take professional-grade photographs.

#6 – Go Beyond with an external lens

Instagram filters can give your photos a different look, but they don’t even come close to the things you can do with a small external lens. Think Fisheye style images, Macro-photography, Wide Angle and more!

They are not that expensive and can change your android photography game in certain situations.


#7 – Take more photos!

Taking photographs on smartphones can be a challenge.

The recent advancements in technology have helped many people to achieve their goal of taking stunning and eye-catching photographs for their Instagram feeds.

The good thing is, it is very easy to just take out your Android phone and start snapping pictures. So do not hesitate to practice, take loads of photos and your composition skills will improve over time!

What About You?

Did we leave anything out? Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comment section!

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  1. Wisdom lawrence

    Wow, great article. In addition to this, I have observed that taking photos on the afternoon when the sun is fully in action is a great way, but do not stand under the sun instead look for a shade (not dark one) enable face beauty then capture make sure the camera lens ain’t facing the sun.

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