Backup And Restore Android Data & Apps Using Chrome With Helium (How To)

Helium, formerly known as Carbon is an application designed to help you back up and restore your Android data and apps, without needed to root your device. Using this app you have to walk through a long procedure with numerous steps. You will need to connect your phone to PC via a USB cable and perform some complicated steps. But at the end, you will have all the data successfully back up.

The creator of Helium, Koushik Dutta is also well known in the Android world for the ClockworkMod ROM manager and in the iOS community for the AllCast. Besides Helium he also has released an accompanying app for Chrome with the same name. It is designed to help Chrome OS users to back up their apps and data.

So if you want to backup your files in a safe way, you must have Helium app installed on your phone. Then you have to plug your phone into a computer. Then the things should start working. Helium will work on any desktop running Chrome, including Chrome OS and Linux. You have to enable ADB when you connect your phone to Linux.

If you plan to update your device to Android Lollipop, the Helium may not work completely. It’s a little early to tell but if you rely on Helium a lot, then it’s better to hold off until compatibility can be checked.

The Helium has two versions available to download. One is free Lite Version which allow you to backup and restore to your SDcard or to PC. The second one the premium app is better than the free app and has the following features:

  • Automatic Backup schedules.
  • No Ads.
  • Android to Android sync.
  • Cloud Backup and Restore via DropBox and Google Drive.

When it comes to backups, I don’t like to play with apps so purchasing the premium app is fantastic. It will not only work faster and safe but the features listed above are useful when it comes for a successful backup.

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