Solutions to Fix Galaxy S8 Connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) Problems

The most anticipated smartphones of the year Samsung S8 and S8 Plus made their entry into the market and gave the best in class premium experience to its users. There are some quirks in these phones which are making its users worry. But it’s Ok as the Korean manufacturer has rolled out some of the updates to clear the issues. But still, there are some problems which can be fixed by users. There are some connectivity issues in Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus which are bugging its users.  Many users found an issue with Wi-Fi connection dropping. This is the major problem but it can be solved by digging a little deeper into the settings. The Bluetooth connection is not stable and has some issues.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Problem

Some users of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are suffering from Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Initially, both connection and speed of the internet will be good but after some time either the speed will be reduced or the connection will be lost completely. This is the most annoying problem that has been faced by the users.

Fixing the Connectivity Issue

The solutions of the problem are lying in the settings of the phone. A little bit patience and a quick guide may solve the problem.

  • For any issue, it is important to reboot the phone. Many issues are solved after reboot.
      • Go to settings and then connections.
      • In connections open Wi-Fi>>Advanced
      • In Advanced, make sure to keep the Wi-Fi on during the sleep time.
  • If the above problem won’t solve the problem, then try this:
      • Go to Settings>>Connections
      • Then go to Wi-Fi>>Advanced
      • In Advanced> Manage Networks
      • Click on the Wi-Fi network with which you are facing the problem.
      • Then click on forget network and reboot the mobile as well as the router.
      • Now set the connection again.
  • This is the suggestion that has worked for some people. Try your luck by following this:
      • Go to Settings> Connections
      • Click on Cocation> Improve accuracy.
      • Don’t forget to turn the Bluetooth scanning off.
  • Try changing the Wi-Fi channel through admin page of the router. These instructions can be found in the manufacturer booklet.
  • Your router firmware must be up to date.
  • Make sure that the MAC address of your S8 has been added to your router.

These are the solutions that have worked for many users. Try them and probably any one of them might work for you.

Bluetooth Connectivity

When the device is connected to speakers or headphones via Bluetooth the audio is breaking and for some users. The connectivity is completely lost. Here are some of the solutions related to Bluetooth connectivity issues on Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus

  • Try unpairing the device repairing them again. This may work.
      • First, go to Settings>>Connections
      • Then open Bluetooth settings
      • Tap on the cog shape beside the specific device.
      • An option to unpair the device will be found.
      • Unpair the device and pair it again. This solution may work.
  • The good news is that Samsung has given an update patch to resolve the Bluetooth issue in United Arab Emirates. If it works, the users from other countries will get it soon.

The connectivity issues can be solved by using these techniques but if Samsung releases the update patches it will be more better.

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