Does Nexus 6P Really Worth Buying

Just few days ago, on September 29 Google announced its next flagship device the Nexus 6P. It comes as the successor of the Nexus 6 and in just couple of days it will be in the markets all around the world. But does Nexus 6P really worth buying? Is it the best device you can choose to upgrade?

You will find the answers of these questions and much more in the article below. We will cover the strongest point why you should buy the brand the new Nexus 6P and what is missing also, so in the end you can decide if it really worth buying or not.

In the previous Nexus devices we have seen Google collaborating with LG and Motorola to make the device hardware but this time it seems like Google decided to work with a Chinese company to release its next beast. We are talking about Huawei on of the biggest Chinese companies. It seems to have created good Android devices recently.

This might be a clever choice by Google to bring to its users a powerful device with an affordable price. We are used to see Huawei devices with cheap prices so anyone can afford buying a new one. But is Nexus 6P like all other Huawei devices? Is it the best device you can choose to upgrade?

To understand more in depth the intention of this article we will start with the reason why Nexus 6P is a real beast in the smartphones world. There are plenty of other high-end devices which have good specs so we won’t stop only in the Nexus 6P specs but we will cover its best features that we think they are the best.

Premium Buddy Made By Aluminium

Having a device with an aluminium buddy is in the trend now. We have seen all the giants tech companies like HTC, Samsung and others making their latest flagship devices with a premium aluminium buddy. The previous Nexus 6 was a mix of metal and plastic while the brand new Nexus 6P is made completely by aluminium with chamfered edges.

Nexus 6P buddy aluminium

Nexus 6P is super easy to hold in the hand and all this thanks to small screen-to-body ratio. This make the Nexus 6P the best device with a big screen that can easily fit on your hand. So probably this is one of the strongest points of Nexus 6P. It’s not easy to find a big screen device that can easily fit on your hands but it seems like Google and Huawei have fixed this problem.

Big 3450 mAh Battery

Even though Nexus 6P is super thick only 7.3 mm still it has a good battery. We have seen other devices sacrificing the battery in order to have a thick buddy but this doesn’t seem to happen with Nexus 6P. It has both the premium thick buddy and a huge battery.

Despite the fact it has a huge 5.7 inch screen still the battery can last longer than other devices. This huge battery combined with the features of Android M makes the Nexus 6P the best device with the long-lasting battery. Also Nexus 6P has also the quick charge feature which makes it super awesome.

Improved Camera

Nexus devices are not well-known for good cameras. The previous Nexus 6 has a 13 MP camera but it doesn’t make high-quality photos at all. Well you may know that the quality of the photos don’t always depend how many MP is your camera  sensor but from many other factors as well.

Nexus 6P Camera Sensor

With the new Nexus 6P the camera situation is going to change. Even though it has a 12 MP camera, the quality is of the photos is good comparing with the older Nexus devices. This is due to the fact that each pixel is bigger than before. So in Nexus 6 is 1.12µm, in Nexus 6P is 1.55µm. Each pixel gets more light now and the quality of  the photos is better even in low light conditions.

The front facing camera is improved also. This brand new device features a 8 MP camera which can record 720p HD videos at 30fps. This means that you can make cool selfies everywhere you go.

Fingerprint Scanner

I don’t know if I can say this is a neat feature because we have seen lot of devices having a fingerprint scanner. However it still remains a feature that you can use to secure your phone without being worried if someone can steal your password or pattern.12 MP Camera Nexus 6P

The fingerprint sensor on Nexus 6P is not located in the front of the phone like it does in all other devices. It is located in the back of the device between the Nexus logo and the Camera module. Google has called it Nexus Imprint and you can use it not only to secure the phone but also to make online transactions on Android 6.0 M.

Snapdragon 810 Chipset

Like every other device Nexus 6P has also its own bad things. To begin we will talk about the processor that powers the next Google flagship. You may have heard that Nexus 6P comes with a Snapdragon 820 chipset which seems to suffer from lot of overheating issues. Plenty of devices on the market are powered by Snapdragon 810 chipset and all of them suffer from overheating issues.

Nexus 6P snapdragon 810 chipset

Even though manufactures have tried to fix this issues through OTA update still they have existed. So if you are one of those people who use a lot the Android smartphone than Nexus 6P is not a good choice for you. It will suffer from overheating issues and this is something very nasty.

Let’s hope Google will customize the software in that way to make the it not to suffer from this issues because it’s a shame that a device like Nexus 6P to suffer from overheating.

USB Type C Connector

Nexus 6P is not the first device to use USB Type C connector. We saw it first in OnePlus 2. I don’t know if this is a bad or good thing. It depends on the users. If you are for a long time Android user than you are used to see the phones come with the standard Micro USB Connector.

Having a device the new USB Type connector can be a problem because if your USB cable is damaged or you lose it than you might be in big trouble. The old USB cable are easy to find because most of the smartphones have the same port.

USB Type C Nexus 6P

So be careful not to damage the USB Type C connector of your phone because you will be in big problem. This cable are not easy to find for now since only two device are using them. Maybe in a near feature they may become more popular but for now they aren’t.

Now it’s up to you to decide if Nexus 6P worth buying. It all depends on you what you want from a smartphone. In my opinion it is a greatest device and I would buy it. I am a big fan of big screen devices. Nexus 6P fits perfect on you hand so I would totally recommend buying it. It might not have the best camera but still can make high quality photos. So if you are thinking to buy a new device than put Nexus 6P on your list.


  1. hi

    i have the huawei 6p but it has demo/retail mode
    i cant get into the developer options eitheir how can this
    be fixed

    • To disable demo/retail mode you will need an unlocking code from the manufacture or the people you bought it. If it’s a stolen phone phone you can’t do anything to remove it.

  2. Hi

    Its a great review my friend.. But regarding the overheat issue with 6P i think google solve it with latest MM build. One of my friend Using N6P 64 GB with latest MM version. I have used that device for one day and its heating like a normal phone only. Unlike other S810 devices N6P heats much lower.. Its getting overheat only of we play hd games for a long time. That’s usual thing..

    I have decided to buy this beast soon.. Ur reviews help me a lot.. Great share my friend

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