How To Boost Galaxy Note 4 Speaker Volume – Easy Guide

Here it comes a simple guide how to increase speaker volume on Galaxy Note 4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is the best device you can find in markets today, has a weak point. It’s not the best choice when it comes to speaker volume.

We can’t say the same for its performance. Note 4 is powered by the latest snapdragon proccesor and 3 GB RAM, which makes this device a real beast. The display is also awesome, the super QHD Amoled display is the best of the moment. We have seen other devices with a QHD a display but all they are IPS LCD. Even though they use the latest LCD technology, they can’t be compared with Amoled.

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Galaxy Note 4 is being sold to much in the market. Since the people don’t chose the phone for the sound but for the performance and the specs, so in this case Galaxy Note 4 is the best device you can choose. If you are not obsessed to high end phones and you want a good phone that has also a good sound volume, you can chose HTC One M8 or Sony Xperia Z3. They are good phones with high specs and they have a nice speaker sound too. You can listen songs perfectly on it.galaxy note 4 boost sound volume

But if you have already bought a Galaxy Note 4, boosting the speaker volume is one of the few things you must do with your Note 4. If you found yourself here while looking for  guide to increase speaker volume, you are in the right place. Below is a easy and simple tutorial which will help you to increase the sound on your Galaxy Note 4. The main reason why the low speaker sound  in Note 4, is the small speaker it has in its back. So without further ado let’s find out how to increase the speaker volume on Galaxy Note 4.

How to increase speaker sound in Galaxy Note 4

  • Download the mooded speaker file for Galaxy Note 4 from here.
  • Using a file manager with root permission go to system/etc/ and paste the downloaded file there.
  • Set permission to 644 and then reboot the phone.

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If you want to go back to stock, simply download the stock volume file from here and paste it to system/etc and reboot the phone again.

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