How to Fix iPhone X App Crashes and Freezes

iPhone X has been regularly in news since its launch, the reason may be due to its unique design or its special features. iPhone has broken the jinx of regular design with iPhone X. Even though it’s such a cool device, users are reporting iPhone X app crashes and freezes unexpectedly.

iPhone X is powered by iOS 11, and it is a known fact the iOS 11 is the buggiest updated given by Apple Inc. till now. There are some minor bugs in iPhone X because of this iOS 11. It has been disappointing users as they paid a fortune to own the phone which freezes or crashes.

Apps that Freeze in iPhone X

The apps that are crashing and freezing in iPhone X are Messaging, Whatsapp, Notes, Music, Appstore, Photos. These are the apps that are mostly facing issues. Some other apps are also crashing but as the above-mentioned apps are the basic and most used apps people pay more attention to it.

There are some ways to fix these crashes. Keep on reading the article and you will get to know more.

iPhone X App crashes

Reset the Phone

Yes, resetting the phone will help you to avoid the app crashing in most cases. Here is the quick guide on how to reset iPhone X

  • Press the volume up button quickly
  • Then press the volume down button.
  • Now press and hold the side button present on the right side until the Apple logo appears.
  • The device force restarts and now open the app.

The problem will be solved in many cases. If not check out the second tip

Close and Re-launch the App

Sometimes cleaning the data of the app may help you to stop the app from crashing. You can find the option of cleaning a particular app’s data in settings. Clean all the data related to the app and Re-launch the app. This prevents the app crashing to a particular level.

Update the iOS and App

Sometimes the reason for the crashing of an app may be because of apps software. So always keep the apps up-to-date.

  • Go to the Appstore, you will find a tab to update apps. In that tab, you will be having the apps that need to be updated.
  • Click on Update all apps to the latest version.

Not only updating apps, the iOS must be up-to-date. To update the iOS, follow the below steps

  • Back up all your data before proceeding to this step.
  • Open settings on iPhone X
  • Click on general settings.
  • There you find the software update option.

Updating software and apps will help to stop the crashing of apps as well as provides the more security and optimization for mobiles. So it is important to keep it updated.

Uninstall and Install the Crashing App

Yes, sometimes uninstalling and installing the app may stop the freezing of the app. It is a bit hectic process as Apps with large data may take time in installing but to make the app work it is important to uninstall and install the app again. Although this process isn’t applicable to system apps, this can be done for the third party apps.

Repair the iPhone System

If you had tried all the above methods and still the apps are crashing, then the problem is in the iOS system. This will be resolved by repairing the system fix tool, Reiboot. Reiboot is the process which is used to repair the iOS system without any data loss. But it is better if you back up the data.

  • You can find the Reiboot tool on the internet for both PC and Mac.
  • Install the software on your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone X to the computer
  • Choose Fix all iOS stuck and then click on Fix Now.
  • Click download to get the latest software that is compatible with your system’s firmware.
  • The iPhone X will be reinstalled with the latest firmware.

This solution will surely solve your iPhone crashing problem. Otherwise, try resetting all the app settings once.

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